LG and Asus tease the new “Smart Battery Case” Apple


Published on Dec 10, 2015


After the launch of the new case of Apple with built-in battery, the Smart Battery Case, there has been much talk of the design of the accessories Apple and stylistic choices that are not particularly pleasant to some of the latest accessories of the california-based company. Some competitors of Apple (LG and Asus) have wanted to “cracking a joke” and made fun of the Smart Battery Case in two new advertising.

LG and Asus have released two new advertisements in which you take the game of the new case/battery for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. LG and Asus want to bring to light the characteristics of LG V10 and Asus ZenFone Max.

Asus sheds light on the capacity of the battery integrated in the ZenFone Max and compare it with the iPhone along with the Smart Battery Case, while the LG teases the “bump” feature of the new case of Apple.

Remember that, speaking solely of technical data, the iPhone 6s has a battery 1715mAh which, together with the housing, comes to 3592mAh while the ZenFone Max Asus has a battery of 5000mAh and the LG V10 has a battery of 3000mAh.

For the sake of completeness, we recall that Tim Cook has made declarations on the new case/battery which you can find here.

Source: CultOfAndroid



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