Levi's tells the story of the legendary model 501 in a documentary

Published on Mar 17, 2016

All ebbe the beginning the 20th of May 1873 when Levi's presentÃ2 the model of jeans, which has now become iconic, Levi's 501. A few years later, in 1916, the american brand chose the azienda Cone Mills as a manufacturer official. Today, to celebrate 100 years of collaboration, Levi’'sâ presents the documentary, The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original, che racconta ’incredible impact che the model of denim has had on the history of the cultura and costume world, in the course of the years.

Divided into three chapters, the film explores in detail the history of the copyrighted€™s modern America, con the 501 as the protagonist. Through le interviews to the protagonists of these years, such as Henry Rollins, John Baldessari, Scott Schuman, Andy Spade, Mark McNairy, Erin Wasson, Gary Burden, Eddie Huang, Jim Walrod, Kim Hastreiter, Mel Ottenberg, Michael Polish, Steven Alan, Alexandra Richard, Greg Chapman, Lee Ranaldo, Rachael Wang, and Josh Peskowitz, the documentary mostra an overview of the general on the world of work, of the rebellions in the cultural and fashion system.


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