Let's look at Goku and Batman fight in this video for stop-motion!

Published on Feb 15, 2017

We are witnessing a battle to the last shot between the Super Saiyan and the Dark Knight, with the participation of other famous characters

Counter 656 is a youtuber famous for his videos made in stop-motion, which have as protagonists the toys, and action figures of all types, and we have already had occasion to speak to you.

In this latest effort of the brilliant filmmaker, we witness the epic battle between Goku and Batman (here in a version robotics enhanced).

The two fighters initials, in a sort of clash Japan vs. USA, join Naruto and Monkey D. Luffy (Straw Hat) for team Goku and Optimus Prime with the Iron Man for the team Batman.

The duel at the beginning seems to turn in favor of the metal Dark Knight, but after a moment of difficulty, just in receive a terrible blow, son Goku turns Super Saiyan with blonde hair!

At this point you join the battle the remaining contenders, a crossroads of encounters with no holds barred: kunai, rasengan and giant fists from the side against the rays repulsors and kicked the robotic from the other, in a crescendo of emotions that no toy believed could give us.

Goku, however, is about to launch his Kamehameha (Energy Wave), how it will end? See for yourself in the video that we propose below.

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