LELO e Le Storie Tese. Helium wins the hatred with a sex toy

Published on Feb 11, 2016

Yesterday they debuted in Sanremo, tomorrow will be released the new album Figgatta de Blanc, the tenth in a long and prolific career, among the applause and controversy, has variously intercepted, and captured the interest of the public. Elio e le Storie Tese launch from the Stage of the Ariston an important message: to Win the Hate.

The title of the song, it perfectly embodies the spirit of a song dadaist of tunes seemingly devoid of a causal link, if not that of the language that bounces back on itself. A game of rhymes and sounds schizophrenic, in the nonsense, calls into question the Femminiello in Neapolitan from the life full of obstacles, the lighting of St Paul on the road to Damascus, the emigrated calabrese in Kathmandu, and the gruff (90 kg) with a heart of gold under the layer of fat. A song “bad” which speaks about open-mindedness, and peaceful acceptance of the next.

Without stain and without fear Elio e le Storie Tese go even further, proposing on Amazon the purchase of the new album in a limited edition was born from a joint venture with LELO, a brand leader in the market of sex toys. In a box with a cd and a gadget erotic, specifically, a vibrator that responds to sound vibrations: Siri2 of the LELO.

Siri2 is a small remote control and it is all in the palm of a hand. Reacts with readiness and determination to the variations of sound intensity, beats, when the bass is thumping hard and vibrates according to the time of the melody. Siri2 can be used on any part of the body, but makes the best in genital contact. It is designed for women, that can head to the lively intimacy to the music, but is a friend of the man – who can use it on the pubis, on the glans penis or slide it along the shaft of the penis during masturbation. In the pair of games Siri2 agree either, because it has an important value: the ability to listen.

Siri2 is the perfect gadget to start in the discovery of the orgasm epidermal, the orgasm that passes by the skin, a feeling of pleasure is pervasive and does not imply penetration. Chills, hot flashes, goose bumps, erection: this is the orgasm epidermal, the result of the sex multi-sensory, that causes pleasure more than the genital contact. To overcome the hate and love each other really: a great suggestion for Valentine's day.



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