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Published on Oct 15, 2017


The LEGO world is now a certainty, not only with regards to the products a theme inspired by the various films, but also as regards real franchise original: in addition to the Batman (which deserves a separate discussion because it speaks always of one of the most famous characters of the world of DC Comics) has emerged as a spin-off of the LEGO Movie and also the world of Ninjago, created as a toy line, then the animated series, and now independent film based on the adventures of a group of six ninja, intent on foiling the evil plans of Lord Garmadon.


The plot of the videogame is very simple, not only for its linearity, but because it follows closely that of the film: the group of ninjas led by the master Wu will be involved in stopping the invasion of Ninjago City from Lord Garmadon and his subordinates, all seeking to master the techniques of the ancient art of Spinjitzu. Between irony and adventure, and gamers are to “dismantle” literally the bad guys!


Like any adventure game worthy of the name, in this new series title Ninjago adventures will be surrounded by some clips of animated movies, which follow, of course, the scenes views in the room. For this reason, the component of narrative is often limited (such as if the developers, in a sense, they would not reproduce entirely the cinematic experience in the video game) in spite of the graphic element is well cared for, and the dialogues keep the ironic tone on the classic level of LEGO. Are pleasant also the dialogues between the characters during the adventure, able to keep company with the player and “break” the rhythm, especially the gamers, who were less accustomed to the tension (another point that underscores how the title is more enjoyable by the children).


LEGO Ninjago maniente the classic mode of gameplay of a platformer action, putting at the disposal of the ninja to turn a series of combos which you can exploit to get coins LEGO extra. During the story you can go from a ninja to another, with the experience for this it is equally enjoyable by more players in local mode. In addition to the history (relatively easy to complete and fairly short) the title offers the usual extra modes typical of the LEGO games: collect extra items (including many characters, not very useful, however, at the end of the story), unlock side quests, and complete mini-games are running here and there for Ninjago City.


In its entirety, the LEGO Ninjago The movie: the videogame looks like a title anchored in the classicism of the LEGO games, in spite of being shorter and perhaps less well maintained level mode (despite the fact that in the system of combat, there are some pleasant surprises). The link to the film makes it probably more enjoyable for fans of the franchise, especially if they are small fans return excited from cinemas. For all ages, however, the hours of fun with the titles LEGO never fail!

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