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Published on Dec 07, 2019


With the holiday season now looming start of the programming dedicated to all of the tv channels and for some years also of the platforms streaming that try their best to offer a proposal that can entertain children and adults in the afternoons and in the evenings a little more relaxed that distinguish this period of the year.

In this regard, Warner Bros. has made it available now for purchase and rental on Apple TV App, Itunes, Google Play, Youtube, Infinity, Sky Primafila, Chili, Rakuten TV, TIMvision, Playstation Store and Microsoft Movies&TV a film that will make happy lovers of all ages, namely Lego Batman and the Problems of the Family which unites them, as did well over the last few years, the Lego brand with one of the heroes from DC.

A bored Bruce Wayne is forced to divide between his commitments to the worldly and management of his company, Waynetech, taking the time to his favorite activity: fighting crime as Batman!

Surrounded now by his bat-family, or his allies, the most trusted Batgirl, Nightwing, Batwoman and the new Robin, Damian, Batman is willing to take back the role of first protector of Gotham going as far as to sell his company.

However, a mysterious new enemy faces on the stage of Gotham... Red Hood! His plan is simple, but potentially lethal: there are five explosive devices scattered in the city ready to explode.

Batman and his allies decide to divide for disinnescarli but Red Hood seems to be always one step ahead and, with the help of some of the most famous villain of Gotham, trapping the bat-family drawing Batman for a face to face confrontation. But who is really a Red Hood and why he knows so well the bat-family?

All will be made clear in time, with a lot of redemption for the Red Hood, to face an unexpected threat that flowed from the decision of Bruce Wayne to sell his company, and by one of his old enemies, the very old date.

Batman returns in Lego version with this hilarious and action-packed Lego Batman and the Family Problems.

Despite not having the big budget film productions branded Lego Movie or Lego Batman – The Movie, Lego Batman and the Problems of Family does not save certain with regards to the action scenes providing viewers with multiple children are not only a variety of characters, enviable, but also a series of spectacular sequences featuring many vehicles from the rebuild then with their bricks “home” once the vision.

The film is so perfectly balanced between irony, action, and fun without forgetting the spectators in older children which are reserved for a series of quotes of long life media the Dark Knight between film, animated series and comics.

The strength of Lego Batman and the Family Problems it is this then which is the ability to offer a product that is fun, light and suitable for all that, however, retains its roots in comics and specifically, the reinterpretation of two “modern classics” or Batman – Under-the-Hood and Project OMAC and who knows, maybe some small, but also less young viewers intrigued it could be so impressed to go retrieve the paper, thus becoming a new fan.

Long life to Lego, long life to Batman, long life to the fun, cartoony brick!

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