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Published on Apr 04, 2018


“There is a labyrinth in the desert, dug in the sand and in the rock, and at the end of the maze there is a prize: all you need to do is to find the way to achieve it. Now think of it. The maze that you have created in your mind is it the same maze. There is no desert, nor rock, nor sand, there is only that idea. But it is an idea that will come to dominate every waking moment and sleep. You're in the maze now, you can not escape. Welcome to the madness.”

This short excerpt from the premiere of the second season of the Legion, the series of comics by Noah Hawley FX, perfectly sums up the tone, with which every viewer of sound mind will have to approach the vision of the new episodes. If Fabri Fibra sang “rap futuristic”, we could define a “trip " futuristic” that Hawley is going to do for season 2, after the end of the first cycle with as much of the scene post-credits in which the main character, David (Dan Stevens) was “kidnapped” by a small sphere the steering wheel.

For him, it is past a day, for Syd (Rachel Keller), and the other almost a year and this time gap is only the basis on which Hawley and Nathaniel Halpern has brilliantly woven the canvas of the screenplay of this Chapter 9. Hawley after the excellent work done in the cycle inaugural shows, once again, of knowing how to elevate to the tv series authorship an audiovisual work mould comics. Of course, the power of David which is based on an exponential control of the mind is a generous starting point, but to emerge is the skill of the scriptwriters and the director of the show to be able to manage and transpose the original material.

Every shot, every costume, every play of geometric proportions and perspectives in the act is meticulously and surgically investigated to obtain an alienating effect in the viewer, for disorientarlo in the maze of the labyrinth of the above, then that is the mind of David. Tim Mielans, who has done an equally fine job of directing, shows knowing how to put a video from the suggestions that we can define the matrix lynchiana that Hawley has probably given phase of the script. After having worked at The Terror of the AMC and Peaky Blinders to BBC Two, and having directed an episode last season (Chapter 5), Mielans he skilfully alternates fields and plans to displace completely the viewer.

This episode is a “solo” of David to all the effects, just like the sequence in the club in which it is found at the beginning of the episode, in spite of appear in the sequences more or less important than all the other protagonists. It is his point of view to be master of the situation, causing us to ask until the end if what we just saw was real or not. A sort of apnea continues, as we try to understand when we will be able to breathe oxygen again.

Just like Lynch, also for Hawley are the important female characters, so that is entrusted to Melanie (a wonderful Jean Smart), a discourse on girl power is not just the meta-context of these times: a comparison with Syd on the role of women alongside the men, in this case superheroes, and their role supereroine.

There is also a bit of Alice in Wonderland in this episode, the song that David is singing as well as in the Wonderland that is his mind. And a little bit of Fringe when the protagonist is immersed in a bath to expand its powers: Bill Irwin (Cary) will remind you with a little bit of nostalgia for the Walter Bishop John Noble. All to find the Shadow King, the evil counterpart to David who is desperately in search of a body to be able to take absolute control. All that remains is to discover if and how it will arrive at that point, between a trip and the other, in the beautiful and the cursed mind of David Haller.

The second season of the Legion is on the air from April 3 on FX in the Us and April 4 in the same time on Fox Italy.

Legion 2×01: the trip, the futuristic” the return of the superhero FX | Review of




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