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Published on Apr 08, 2020


Noel lives in Berlin with his mother. One day something happens, and Noel is sent in a community that is very special. The world changes shape, for this guy who wants to play the guitar and loves AC/DC, and there are endless new things to learn.

The young author Mikael Ross has created this volume on a commission of the same community in which the story is set, Neuerkerode, to celebrate the one hundred and fifty years since its foundation. The institution dates back to the'Idiotic-Anstalt zu Erkerode”, and it was founded on 13 September 1868 by pastor Gustav Stutzer, doctor Oswald Berkhan and Luise Löbbecke to offer a home to people who are ill and disabled.

A private initiative of the shepherd, initially dedicated to five with disabilities, was born the foundation of the gospel Neuerkerode, which today is able to help with a policy, inclusive of about 1,000 people.

From what has been told you might be thinking that Ross was not much engaged in the story, given that, in the end, it was an easy job apparently, or make a praise sperticata of who has commissioned the work.

And instead the author put a lot of effort in wanting to describe the world of Noel and his friends, a special world that lives on the border between our reality and their fantasy.

The relationship with the mother of Noel is described wonderfully, even if it is outlined only in the first few pages; and the best thing is the real description of a relationship between a mother and a child “special”, which of course is not always idyllic, and it involves many sacrifices and even loss of patience; but the scene on the balcony of the two, under the covers, grilling marshmallows and eat them is the sweetest you will ever read.

But the atmosphere, unfortunately, seems to change for Noel when he was transferred to this new community, especially because Noel is not aware of the situation of his mother and believes he is able to return home from one day to another. The impact of Neuerkerode is not easy, therefore, and in fact the scene he hid out in the room, scared, experiencing more than a thousand words the emotions of Noel; this is really the strength of the comic book.


In summary, as you well know, Ross has decided to focus strongly on the characters: first of all Noel, a child is to live with a lot of new people, all with their individual characteristics and are all equipped with gifts, as defects; but Ross, also in this atmosphere of friendship, manages to make us understand that managing such a community is not easy because it is often the lack of maturity of these guys (but there are also elderly) needs someone to guide them toward a result.


Therefore, it is in fact the history of Neuerkerode is left at the margins, we do not face such a hagiography is an end in itself, even if there is a reference to the historical period of Nazism; a period in which the community has attempted to represent a bank to the policies eugenic in vogue in Germany at that period.

The stretch of Ross is dirty, with designs that often seem to have a rough outline of the characters; but in reality, it is the best way to show the mind of these guys, exactly halfway between reality and fantasy.

As an extra volume in a small study on Neuerkerode.

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