League of Legends: a compensation millionaire to sex discrimination


Published on Dec 04, 2019


The developer of League of Legends Riot Games will pay a whopping compensation of $ 10 million dollars as a result of the long because of the gender discrimination that was filed against the company by women who have experienced a pervasive sexist culture while working there.

Riot Games has been involved in the case since the end of last year and the news about the incident have revealed that a number of stories alarming that describe in detail the treatment of the problematic of society towards women and the inequality in general in the workplace.

While League of Legends continues to enjoy the same level of success that has made it a dominant force in the world of eSports, the growth that is coming to that game has been significantly slower when it came to work culture.

Reports of the women that worked at Riot Games pointed to a workspace that is based heavily in office environments, which sometimes went as far as to actively encourage gender discrimination. The lawsuit also contained evidence of the fact that women were paid less than men who worked in the same role.

Now, Riot Games will pay a total of $ 10 million dollars following a collective agreement which will be divided for every woman who has been employed by the company at any time in the last five years.

The compensation is one of the highest in the legal history of california for a case of gender discrimination, and this is an important victory for the women who have come forward about the troubled culture of the work which they had lived. The exact amount of the payment will differ for each employee.

Since the beginning of the case, Riot Games has worked publicly to cultivate a more progressive, changing the way in which it recruits and promotes employees, involving consultants in culture and diversity and promoting women in positions of command.

All this has led employees to indicate that there really are some big changes coming to Riot Games, something that was further cemented with this agreement.

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