LDK – Living Together will have a chapter sequel one-shot


Published on Feb 09, 2019


The story takes place after the final chapter of the manga, with Aoi and Shūsei that still live together after graduation. The chapter will also show you the cousin of Shūsei, Reon, in America.

The manga is inspiring a new film live-action titled LDK Federation Yane no Shita, “Suki” and Futatsu (Two loves under one roof), which will debut on the 21st of march. The film will present Reon as a new character.

Watanabe launched the original manga on Bessatsu Friend in 2009 and finished in August 2017. Kodansha has published the 24th volume of the manga in October 2017.

Edizioni Star Comics, which publishes the manga in Italy, thus describes the series:

Aoi and Shusei are living under the same roof. The cohabitation between the two high-schoolers is not easy, but their love – though unfortunate – is a beacon that guides them year after year, including ex-boyfriends, sagging, and peremptory prohibitions imposed by the parents of the girl...

Aoi comes across strangely on a mysterious young man who begins to treat her rather badly, so much so to send her on a rampage! But soon, you will discover that it's an old friend of his beloved Shusei...

LDK – Living Together will have a chapter sequel one-shot is




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