Law Cirinnà, civil partnerships and stepchild: what does the ddl, in summary

Published on Feb 25, 2016

Civil unions, to be sure, you go to the vote on the law Cirinnà with several changes: loss of “stepchild adoption”, i.e. the possibility to adopt the child of their partner, which was the result of a node thorny in the approval process of the previous text, but it remains the obligation of maintenance in the event of termination of the union, as it was already specified in the ddl Cirinnà. Removed also the “duty of loyalty” on which he would be impuntati several senators to eliminate any equation of the civil union to marriage. In Italy, in fact, marriage as a legal act is governed by the civil law, which states that: “by marriage the husband and wife acquire the same rights and assume the same obligations. From marriage comes the mutual obligation of fidelity, moral and material assistance, to collaboration in the interest of the family and cohabitation”.

On the evening of Wednesday, February 24, was found the agreement between the Democratic Party and the New Centre-Right on the ddl Cirinnà in the Senate, and the government has decided to place their trust on the maxi-amendment was born from the understanding, to avoid further derailment, even on the revised text. The maxi-amendment is a proposal to amend a draft law before it enters into force: the one on which you are granted the Pd and Ncd rewrite part of the text of the law on civil unions compared to the initial version. The bank of 69 articles followed the law Cirinnà and will be voted on today or tomorrow and with the annexed request of the trust, on which the government can rake in votes, counting – according to the notisti parliamentarians of various newspapers – also on those of the group Wing of the green items that drop, in addition to those of the group's Pd is now bunched up and Ncd almost complete, except for a few defections.

If all goes according to predictions and then the launch is imminent and would result in a significant political victory of Matteo Renzi and the Pd that can also lay claim to a “progressive legislation” at the end of a path, somewhat troubled. Satisfaction among the catto-dem. “The text there seems to be a good point of balance, we have helped to bring about a mediation high”, said Rosa Maria Di Giorgi and Stefano Lepri. For another component, “on the stepchild adoption, it remains the situation today, not impeding the work of the courts and the consolidation of the jurisprudence in the protection of children”, stressed the bersaniano Federico Fornaro. And Ncd flaunting the fact that article 23 extends the rights of the spouses to the contractors, the unions, except the law that governs adoptions special: will be a constraint for the judges. A compromise they worked on the various ministers – the Woods, the Coast, the Orlando – shuttling between the various meetings; and if it is true that in the end was taken from the “fidelity”, it is also true that the same senator Cirinnà stressed the “victory” in the field of separations that the initial text he wanted to equate all of the weddings straight and the Pd has asked for and received that were fixed three months of waiting.


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