Lavena Ponte Tresa, on Friday, the evening presentation of the project “Control of the Neighborhood”

Published on May 10, 2017

The “Control of the neighbourhood”, the project that so much attention is attracting in the High Place, landed in Lavena Ponte Tresa with an evening in which to present this initiative to the citizens will be experts in the field. The meeting, wanted by the administration of the lakeside town, and where the whole citizenship is invited to participate, will take place Friday, may 12, at the council hall of Liberty street at 20.45. Lavena Ponte Tresa, on Friday, the evening presentation of the project “Control of the Neighbourhood”. Arrives on the shores of lake Ceresio, and precisely in Lavena Ponte Tresa, in an evening dedicated to a project that more and more interest is awakening in the reality of the city of Alto Varesotto: the “Control of the neighbourhood”. Born in the United States in the years 60/70 and arrived in Europe starting from the small reality of Mollington in Cheshire in Great Britain in 1982, “Control of the neighborhood” is adopted from the decades in countless american cities, such as Chicago and Los Angeles, and the british, Oxford, London and Edinburgh, as well as in a multitude of smaller centres in all the anglo-saxon Countries. The evening was organized by the municipality of Lavena Ponte Tresa, in the program for the evening of Friday the 12th, is aimed at presenting this new initiative, the citizenship through the narrative and the experience of industry experts who will explain in detail the project to the participants, as well as bring back the testimonies of the reality in which the project has already been adopted. A project aimed at establishing a climate of greater security and to increase unity and awareness among the general public. The programme provides for the self-organization between neighbors to check the area around your home resulting in signaling through the placement of appropriate signs. The purpose is to communicate to anyone who steps in the area concerned to check that his presence will not go unnoticed and that the neighbourhood is attentive and aware of what is happening within the area. A mode through which the eyes of someone who lives in the neighbourhood, become a deterrent to those who had the intention of committing any type of criminal act. The collaboration between neighbors is fundamental in order to establish a safety climate that will be felt by all residents, and particularly by the weakest groups such as the elderly and children, while strengthening the ties within a community become more united and aware. To benefit from this will be, however, they will also be the Forces of law and Order: the establishment of a continuous dialogue and sensitive with them, combined with the surveillance for his own way, will improve the quality of the reports made by the citizens. The program and the speakers of the evening. To coordinate the meeting, at which the speakers will be Com. Alfonso Castellone of the Local Police of the municipality of Olgiate Olona, and a representative of the Association Control of the Neighbourhood, the Com. Raffaele Esposito of the Local Police in the town of Cassano Magnago and the Ass. Gabriel Montecalvo of Local Police in the town of Viggiù and Associates, will be the deputy mayor of Lavena Ponte Tresa Mina Grace Given. There will be also the mayor Massimo Mastromarino and the Com. Stefano Ceratonio of the Local Police of Lavena Ponte Tresa.

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