Lavena Ponte Tresa, funds in support of the earthquake victims. The minority attack, the mayor replication

Published on May 27, 2017

It broke out this afternoon on Facebook, with the position taken by the minority group of “Together we can”, a controversy linked to doubts about the future of the more than 20 thousand euros collected in support of the victims of the earthquake in Central Italy. While the minority objects to the mode of donation choices by the administration, which has said it would convey the sum in the phase of reconstruction, in accordance with a town hit by the earthquake, the current majority led by Massimo Mastromarino replication that the appropriation took place in 2012, to support the people of Emilia affected by the earthquake, was never completed. Lavena Ponte Tresa, funds in support of the earthquake victims. The minority attack, the mayor replication. A question emerged from the beginning of may, regarding the future of the funds collected on several occasions on the municipal territory, in favour of the victims of the earthquake of Amatrice. To make the request of what was the situation of this money were their own citizens, each according to their ability, contributed actively to the success of the collection. To be challenged, in particular, were the timing and the fact that merit was not reached in any communication. The administration at that juncture, for the voice of the first citizen Massimo Mastromarino, reassured the citizens, explaining that the funds collected were already from the beginning intentionally designed into the reconstruction phase and not that of the emergency, since the latter is managed and financed by the Civil Protection with funds from the ministry. From here the choice is to evaluate, based on need and the requests of the municipalities affected by the earthquake, such as intervention fund with the money raised, which amounted to more than 20 thousand euros. A trajectory that, at the time of the lawful demand of explanation on the part of citizenship, mostratasi alert, the administration renews the will to pursue. The minority responds to the allegations of absenteeism and outdoor the own point of view with respect to the collected funds allocated to municipalities affected by the earthquake. It arrived today, so, on the page Facebook of the minority, “Together we can”, as a justification of the charges of absenteeism received, a post in which in addition to explaining the voluntary choice not to use the tool of social networking to interact with citizens, with whom he claims to be a listening relationship based on personal contacts, it also expresses the group's position regarding the situation of the collection of funds in favor of the earthquake victims. On the specific question of the minority claims that the majority was “Predictable. There have been many initiatives throughout Italy to show solidarity to the populations affected by the earthquake, and each could, and did, participate in sharing the purpose of offering goods of first necessity, a cash contribution for the purchase of such goods, for the payment of the works, for the construction of works... with a goal by default. And, avvallando the positions of those who, in the reconstruction phase, would have preferred the allocation of such funds for the emergency phase. This is what is missed, but now, as then, not the fault of the minority?! Everything we suggested, then it would have been misconstrued and now the stall... of Course we share the mood of those who would have wanted to use more quickly of the resources collected for the benefit of the earthquake victims and not to use them to be remembered. Punctual comes the replication of the first citizen and the justifications by the members of the former administration to which you refer. But the mayor Massimo Mastromarino there is and with it comes the replica in which clarifies that this is not a situation of “stalemate”, but a choice exposed in the course of a meeting with the associations dated August 2016. To emerge from his words but also the feeling of regret for past situations which have as protagonists the current minority. Here are his words: “As decided in the first meeting with the associations on the 25th August 2016 in the council chamber, the collected funds (last collection at the end of January), will be donated to a Municipality for the reconstruction phase. In that meeting, the minority was invited, but none participated... Calm down all that soon we will communicate the mode of donation. After hearing and contacted the various municipalities. Informational purposes only remember, however, that the current minority, when administered, collected, and appropriated 5,000 euros for the earthquake in Emilia of 2012. Those money were never delivered. I would really like to be proven wrong”. The members of the former administration, called into question at this juncture, to justify the non-delivery of the money specifying that: “The old administration has not collected anything from the citizens, but he devoted those 5000 euro from your own municipal budget. The Municipality of Cavezzo has never sent the documentation for the credit and then the money is returned to the available budget”. Emphasizing, finally, that when the thing was made of, some members of the current majority were present. The citizens, however, remain in the hope that the controversy surrounding on Facebook to be confirmed through official communication of the parties.

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