Laura Pausini, hacked the profile Instagram: promises iPhone as a gift


Published on Sep 24, 2019


The profile Instagram Laura Pausini has been hacked, and the singer promises, either through post or through stories, to give the iPhone and other electronic devices. The followers of the singer, that are well-2.8 million, you are found to having to see something strange. Laura Pausini, who is a singer established in Italy, but also in the world, public things are decidedly strange, and that go beyond the music and his private life. Even promises to give 2 thousand iPhone XS. Someone might have thought of seizing this occasion, but many others will be realized immediately what was happening. We then discover what the public Laura Pausini on his profile on Instagram which apparently has been hacked.

On the profile Instagram of Laura Pausini appear strange things. The singer promises to give the iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook, and gift cars Tesla. In addition to a post published, and some of the stories, we have also changed the description of Laura Pausini, with a link that seems to refer to sites that want to grab the private information of users. Therefore, someone, naively, you might think you can get the iPhone much-desired gift from the singer, but in reality the profile of Instagram has been blatantly hacked.


A post shared by Laura Pausini Official (@laurapausini) on Sep 24, 2019 at 1:09am PDT

To announce the problem has been the staff of the singer who, through a tweet and a post on Facebook, has specified that users of the messaging on Instagram not arriving by Laura Pausini. Therefore, it has been announced that the profile of Instagram has been hacked. In the meantime, you promised to try to resolve the problem in the shortest possible time.

The risk is that some user, relying on the good faith of the singer, may click and get together to communicate your data to sites that have anything but good intentions. Therefore, we invite all to do not click on any links and not to swipe up in the stories of Laura Pausini on Instagram, because she is not them but someone that has hacked his profile. The hope is that the problem will be solved in a short time to limit the damage and that the singer can return in possession of your account. Expect more updates about this story that concerns Laura Pausini.

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