Laura Chiatti weight worries fans: “The thinness you are eating”


Published on May 12, 2020


The actress umbrian Laura Chiatti, 37 years old, has aroused much concern among her fans after the last shots published on the social. “Your thinness is devouring your beauty,” said a user under the last photo.

Actress and model, Laura Chiatti has always had a physique the envy of. During the quarantine it seems, however, that both lost a lot and rather quickly. The fans are concerned and some even wonder if he is eating. Especially in the last picture posted on Instagram, the Chiatti seems to be very lean, almost too much.

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Among the many comments that they value and praise his Italian beauty, many followers are worried about the health of the actress. Laura Chiatti had already expressed its view regarding the weight loss a few days ago. In February, in fact, who has discovered that she has some major food allergies.

Because of these numerous food intolerances, Laura Chiatti has had to revolutionize his way of eating. He specified, however, that is followed by a nutritionist that helps. “I was really saved,” she wrote.

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Laura Chiatti has spoken directly to his fans concerned: “For people like me who have this type of problem, I suggest you not to do diets, self-reliant, but relying on serious professionals,” he writes in a rear





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