Last-the Hunting of the Narcos: Advances and texture of fiction, with Raoul Bova


Published on Dec 05, 2018


Should not lack much of the airing of the new highly anticipated season of the television series the Last – the Hunting of the Narcos: the tv series crime interpreted for the fifth consecutive season by Raoul Bova. After you have thoroughly investigated the crimes of the italians, for the first time the series moved abroad to try to block an important traffic from Latin America and that flows right into our Country. Let's discover something more about the plot...

The first advances the official spread by Mediaset to tell the following: the colonel of the Carabinieri, the Latter is back for the fifth time in tv with a new sensational mission. The man will have to investigate on the routes of international drug trafficking. Starting from some tracks national, Roberto Di Stefano, will make more detailed investigations on the famous drug from south America, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, reach with agility the markets of the canteen committee.

How he will manage to destroy these dangerous criminals? Last, you will head to infiltrate in one of the most powerful bands of narcos trying to win the confidence of their intermediaries in Italy. The fiction will lead us to the discovery of the Zetas: a gang led by The Cobra, whose actions seem to be linked to double strand with those of her lover, that Laura Zonita Vilar.

The fifth season of Last (Hunt for Narcos, to be precise) promises a lot of action, gunplay and plot twists that will test fans of the first hour: let's not forget, in fact, that fiction Last was founded in 1998 as a mini series in two episodes in which he was praised the figure of the Captain, Roberto Di Stefano, and of the arrest of Totò Riina; this fifth season of the series, instead, try (at least on paper) to wink at the production Netflix Narcos: a product of a completely different mold.

At the moment there is a certain date of the last of the Last – the Hunting of the Narcos. The various movements of the last hour (between the Millionaire, the New Amsterdam and the Great Trallallà) may slide in the series Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 December, always in the early evening on Channel Five.

In the first spot in a circle on the Mediaset networks, we are witnessing some of the scenes extrapolated from the Last – the Hunting of the Narcos: in these clips, is introduced in the plot of this fifth season of the television series crime in which the colonel Latter (played by Raoul Bova) it will be a serious investigation on the international scenario of drug trafficking.

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