LAST HOURS of Summer sales TrenDevice and BuyDifferent: ending today, July 17!


Published on Jul 17, 2017


ARTICLE SPONSORED – Are going to end the Summer sales on TrenDevice and BuyDifferent, partner websites of the Apple world: you still have a few hours, until 23:59 of today, July 17.

On TrenDevice, the Leading website in Italy for the number of iPhone and iPad Refurbished, Wednesday, July 12, started a Summer sale on all of the devices in the catalog. If up to now you have postponed the purchase of the iPhone or iPad of your dreams, now you don't have more excuses and this is the last great opportunity for you to save! The BALANCES TrenDevice in fact, they are the last big promotion before the summer holidays.

The opportunity to make the deal you have been waiting a long time is now at hand and the portfolio: you can leave for your holidays with a new iPhone or iPad! You have but a very short time, even for a few hours, until 23:59 of today, July 17. In addition, the availability of products is limited and, because of the discounts, will be exhausted soon. The iPhone and iPad for sale on TrenDevice are all Reconditioned, Guaranteed 12 months. The Refurbished TrenDevice is a device used that is subject to 37 strict tests carried out by the technical TrenDevice and put back to new, working perfectly.

The Summer sales are also on BuyDifferent, the site of the Experts in the Mac world. Take advantage of Discounts up to -50% on all products in the catalog: Mac Reconditioned, RAM, SSD, Batteries and video courses. For example, if you wanted to by the time to buy a Mac, thanks to the Balances you have the opportunity you've been waiting for. The Mac Reconditioned, Guaranteed 12 months, as proposed by BuyDifferent, are certified by the partner site TrenDevice, specialized in the collection and reprocessing of Apple products. Thanks to the 31 tests performed by the skilled technicians TrenDevice, the operation of each Mac is 100% guaranteed

If you already have a Mac, you can upgrade up to +300% thanks to the new RAM and SSD. The Mac may have a useful life long-at least double what you think, and, thanks to the upgrade BuyDifferent, you can get it back as fast and powerful as when you bought it. Remember that even on BuyDifferent the summer sales end in a few hours, until 23:59 of today, July 17.

TrenDevice was founded in 2014 but it is already the solution, no.1 for buying and selling Reconditioned Apple: more than 100,000 iPhone and iPad already regenerated, in addition 2.190 reviews certified and a customer satisfaction index of 96% make the company a leader in the reCommerce Apple on the Italian market.

BuyDifferent is the ecommerce point of reference of the Mac users in Italy since 2003, for the purchase of Mac Reconditioned, Guaranteed 12 months, upgrade, video courses and e-books.

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