Laser League: coming in may for Pc and console


Published on Apr 29, 2018


Therefore, the Laser League leaves the stage of Early Access and is preparing to launch on Steam and for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For those not familiar, a Laser League is a futuristic video game, sports, multiplayer, arcade-style published by 505 Games and developed by Roll7, the studio winner of the BAFTA Award, will be launched next month, Thursday, may 10, for the PC platform on Steam, and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This game is characterized by intense online matches and local multiplayer with friends, the gameplay of the Laser League, like every sport that is worthy of respect, is very accessible and easy to understand, but it rewards particularly those who will be able to learn and use more complex strategies. The new trailer for Laser League is already available and we will propose here below:

Laser League is an exciting and action-packed contact sport set in the year 2150, where the two teams will clash for the control of nodes that, once touched, radiating the arena of a light deadly. Avoiding the rays of light opponents, the teams will have to attempt to defeat their enemies by using speed, strength and strategy. The combined use of special skills, offensive and defensive, and the activation of special power-ups that appear on the playing field, are essential to gain the advantage in the crucial moments.

“The phase of Early Access has allowed us to listen to the advice of fans and focus on the priorities,” said Simon Bennett, Studio Director of Roll7. “We have been working to bring a growing number of players in our community and to create new, fun, game content. The output from the phase of early access, is the culmination of a process of development that began many years ago and that allows you to reach new types of audience on different platforms of the game and to further grow our fan base

Here we list all the contents of the Laser League, which will be available at launch:

Laser League on Steam will include 7 new maps, two new arenas and two new power ups additional, as well as 6 different modifiers to skills for all classes. In addition to these the content will be available and sold separately at 1,99 €, the new NewMotion Brand DLC, which will include two new player models, eight kit, and a set of schemas laser exclusive emojis and portraits of the players. This DLC will also be available for the console in the course of the month of may.

The launch of the Laser League, will be celebrated with different promotions for the different platforms on which it will be published:

Laser League: coming in may for Pc and console is




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