Las Vegas Raiders, past, present and future


Published on Apr 11, 2020


In the city of sin is always a cause for celebration, and this year its inhabitants have since good reason! Finally, Las Vegas has a team in the league's richest sports in the world. After many disputes and a chat in the pub california, the Raiders leave Oakland after a long period of residence (except for a small parenthesis in the nearby Los Angeles), and, in short, let us retrace the stages of this relocation.

The first spark was struck in 2009 when the late Al Davis has highlighted the conditions in the decaying of the Coliseum and the necessity of a renovation or the construction of a new arena. This idea has become the fixed idea of the new owner, the son Mark Davis, and in 2011, he sits at the table of the 49ers themselves with a possible share of the Levi's Stadium opened in 2014. The parties do not agree and the chairman to save face: it confirms the desire to remain in Oakland, and restore. Let us remember, however, that the capital of the county of Alameda also hosts the team MLB of Athletics and the NBA of Warriors, thus the suggestion of a Coliseum City: a total renovation of the area to create a veritable citadel of sport. Also here in spades. The excess of the basketball has already done the suitcases to San Francisco, where they will cut the ribbon to a building that was brand new, then the funds are not sufficient and the project is not excited by most of the large pieces of the city. Failed the attempt to transfer to Texas, to San Antonio, the rumors of a transfer of the Chargers from San Diego to Carson, L. A., in the company of the Raiders, are becoming more insistent, with the construction of a brand new sports stadium; in January 2016, but also St. Louis offers a plan for relocation in the city of angels, and this project like. Share? It's a done deal! Yes, but with the Chargers, because they had a right of precedence in this agreement and, therefore, the californian market was now saturated. L. A. Chargers, L. A. Rams and Raiders still unhappy in Oakland.

A month later, the name Las Vegas began to resound insistently in the air, and the suggestion becomes more and more incredible reality. After two years of secret meetings and regional analysis, in 2017, it was decided: the council of the franchises the NFL, with a result of 31 votes to 32 (the damned Season), “the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas”, and they will do it in the season 2020, when it will be completed the construction of a wonder of engineering from 1.9 billion dollars (on the official site of the Raiders, you can see the live webcam of the construction works)

For the next thirty years it will be called Allegiant Stadium, designed by MANICA Architecture (the ones at Wembley and the O2 arena, so to speak), will be born on the ashes of the Sam Boyd Stadium, in front of the Mandalay Bay, and it will be a giant black and silver of a 10-storey building with a transparent roof and a “tent” of the retractable side that faces directly on the Strip, the road is dotted with casinos and buildings are extravagant. It can host up to 72,000 people and the ground is in synthetic grass, so demanded by the Rebels of UNLV, but rolls of natural grass will be placed during the games of the Raiders. Finally, in honor of Al Davis is placed inside a flashlight 26-metre-high, that makes the object 3D-printed the world's largest.

Not only the infrastructure is impressive, but also the ambitions of this franchise, that is too much time away from the spotlight, they are. Almost a month from the Draft, which has its headquarters in Las Vegas, but it will likely be virtual for the emergency nCovid-19, the Raiders moved very well on the market as a Free Agent, scoring with shots worthy of note, renewing the points of reference already in the roster and leaving ample space for manoeuvre to operate after the selections: let's not forget that they have also the ticket for choices 12 and 19 of the first round and three picks in the third round!

It is still early to say that the Raiders are a team that can point to the AFC Championship, but champions of division could give us also more of a thought. By next summer, will take on the tunic, black and silver two LB is not indifferent Cory Littleton (by the Rams) and Nick Kwiatkoski (from Chicago); also Derek Carr, in the downfield, you will find run around Nelson Agholor (who was disowned by fans of the Eagles) and the historic TE for the Cowboys Jason Witten. To heat the arm on the sideline, Marcus Mariota.

Errors in decision-making clamorous or gestures mean unexpected (see the case 2019 of the sig. Antonio Brown), the Raiders have all the cards on the table to go to the first kick-off in a position that is certainly not indifferent in the eyes of the world, the NFL, not only because it will be the first snap in Las Vegas, but because they are a team that already now, in the beginning of April, has something to say and, with the passing of the days, the arguments could always be more.

Courage the Raiders, may be the rebirth, too bad for those boys of Compton, who had hoped for so long to see the Lombardi prowling near the Coliseum, in California. Not in Nevada...




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