Largo Winch opens the series Adventure of the Gazzetta dello Sport


Published on Aug 02, 2018


For the first time on sale with The Gazzetta dello Sport, in fact, we will be able to read about the adventures of Largo Winch, the mysteries of Lady S and the action of Wayne Shelton. The most exciting spy story of the comic franco-belgian relive an exclusive collection of serial and monographic edition of the complete attached to the sports daily. The price of each of the 60 outputs foreseen is € 4,99.

Largo Winczlav is an orphan of the yugoslav adopted in secret by Nerio Winch, an old businessman at the head of a business empire by ten billion dollars. When Nerio shall perish in circumstances mysterious, Largo will have to come out of the woodwork to take control of Group W.

In Italy the series is also published in hardback by Editoriale Aurea, which has proposed that from 2005 to the Italian public in an edition valuable books published in the belgian territory, following the order of original publication. Largo Winch arrived in Italy on TV, thanks to the series of 2001, starring the Italian Paolo Seganti and two films distributed by 01 Distribution.

Lady S is Suzan, adopted daughter and principal collaborator of James Fitzroy, ambassador, special envoy of the american Secretary of State for Europe, a young woman, intelligent and multilingual, satisfied and perfectly happy with a considerate father. But this happiness is too perfect and hides a lot of pain, and many mysteries. Due to his past, Suzan will have no other choice but to play the role the most dangerous of his life, Lady S.

Wayne Shelton, a Vietnam veteran and the attractive fifty-year-old, is recycled in “odd jobs”. Specializing in delicate missions, it sells very expensive services. Horace T. Quayle, billionaire president of the Texas Investment Trust, is about to sign the contract of the century with the Khalakjistan, which owns the richest deposit of a metal coveted by all the great powers. Unfortunately, René the Loiret, a truck driver, had an accident that caused the death of the general Selmjov, the minister of Defence of the Khalakjistan. Sentenced to thirty years in prison, for the severity of the penalty France should respond with an embargo. The negotiations are then blocked and the only solution is to remove the cause of the embargo: the Loiret must be released and repatriated to France. Wayne Shelton is responsible for the mission and he has only seventy days to resume the Loiret.

All of these BD are written by Jean Van Hamme, already known to the public for Thorgal and The Masters of the Barley.

Largo Winch opens the series Adventure of the Gazzetta dello Sport is




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