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Published on Nov 28, 2019


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Christmas is often the occasion of great repatriated, hugs, greetings, family, that sometimes you see once a year. If, like me, you are born into a family for the mid-south, you can imagine the atmosphere that you create. When I was little I remember barely remembered the names of all the uncles and cousins of second and third degree, appeared smiling on the door of the house for the Christmas eve dinner at the base, strictly, fish!

The core of the movement, the bawling that was created was my grandmother Mary, who at the sound of struffoli, casatielli (I know it's easter but she did the same even at Christmas!), pastry put around the table all in a noisy and confusing company.

This same din of the festive is the protagonist of two albums a delicious tell two faces of the beauty of the family. In So much Trish Cooke and Helen Oxenbury, a narrative that exploits the climax tells the story of the arrival home of the young protagonist (called only “the child”) of a whole series of relatives. The text at times in rhyme and with a rhythm describes the entrance of grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins that they sound the bell for reasons not immediately clear. Everyone take a moment of affection for the small home: there are those who want to spupazzarselo, who wants to eat her with kisses, who wants us to play in the fight... it is clear that the reason for the visit was not, however, “a visit to the grandson,” yet we can not figure out, what is going to happen? The crescendo creates expectation, but above all, enjoy the sweeping love that this baby is surrounded:

"aunt Bibba came in with open arms big big and a big smile on his face. “WOW!” he said. "I scramble, I scramble my beautiful baby, I just want to slice of smoked salmon SO MUCH!"

And when the door opens for the last time, the final surprise will reconfirm when it is nice to have a family screaming and dancing around him. A hymn to the unique love that each family can give to each other!

The images of the Oxenbury are warm and embracing, and alternate with craftsmanship and images on the shades of gray and ochre (gimmick dear to her!) chronicling the wait. The direct ways, sometimes almost sguaiati of the protagonists communicate in reality a heat truly unique and familiar, in fact. I found it a bit too intrusive in the text in capital letters and a bit woody, some passages in the translation, but overall it is a rare text that celebrates family in its noisy be large.

A situation very similar is the one that lives Leyla in the homonymous register dedicated to her, only the little monkey, the protagonist tells another hilarious aspect of being part of a large family!

"Leyla has a mom and a dad. As well as nine aunts and ventritré cousins... A bit too much! They always want to hug her and kiss her. Yuck! They always want to spulciarla... and it's not even dirty!! They are always busy, constantly annoying, constantly noisy"

In short, having a large family is sometimes a little overwhelming. In dialect they would say is sü de doss. The fact is that Leyla needs a break and a nice day, he goes out, he runs away "up to not being able to see them", that is, distant

But right in the middle of the escape, a sharp rock puts almost jeopardize the outcome of the mission away "OUCH!". The paw is a little sore, but now who will heal with a basin? Leyla meets a terrible monster "EEEEEEEEEP!!!", well, actually, not a lizard, but the latter has no intention to help her. The two make friends, do yoga together and have a chat, but as the sun sets Leyla about his family and I miss them all. So back to race at home and they "were there: his family!!!". The story of an extraordinary adventure and their that has engulfed Leyla holds with bated breath all, but "it was then that he remembered. “I hurt my foot. Want to give me a basin on the wound?"". The enveloping warmth, welcoming, and empathetic to this family warms the heart. The images and the expressions that the young Galia Bernstein is able to tell us with his illustrations they are hilarious.

Because of our family we give boredom a lot of things, but in the end, without these we will never know to go to the world and we would not know precisely where to return to!

Two hymns to the family, the joyful and witty, ideal for these days that precede Christmas, that look in your face can be full of gratitude!

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