Laptop with SSD: which to buy

Published on Oct 12, 2017

Hard drives have always been a bottleneck for the PC. Slow starting and often not only that, the whole system is slowed down if you have a hard disk mechanical. Especially in the field of laptops, the bottleneck is even more evident since mountain mechanical disks to 5200 RPM which are slower of desktop counterparts.

Finally, the SSD solid-state disks, which are significantly faster than the old magnetic disks, have begun to get competitive prices. For this today if you want to buy a new notebook, it is convenient to choose one with a SSD if you really want to see a jump in performance.

So here we are here to talk about our list of the best laptops with SSD that the market offers.

Who buys a laptop with an SSD should take into account that, at the same expense, you will purchase a solution with a significantly lower mass memory. The reason for this?? An SSD is much more expensive than an old HDD magnet of equal storage capacity.


A laptop 15.6" absolutely basic, but great for home use, office or studio. The laptop is sold without an operating system ( a " pro " in our view, if you really want Windows licenses are just a few pennies), has processor of Intel Celeron N3060, 4 GB of Ram memory, and SSD 128 GB M. 2. The presence of the SSD makes it much faster and agile than many alternatives of the same age. Is on Amazon is about 250 € and is in our view a great deal.

Surely the laptop with full hd display cheapest one available on the Italian market. It is a solution designed for those who work in mobility and not very clean, perfect as a companion of the university in view of the extreme portability has screen-by-13-inch. It is an aluminum frame and the low weight, is available in several versions. The version that we recommend in this list is located on 430 € and offers the cpu Apollo Lake N3350 ( Intel Celeron), 4 GB of Ram memory and 64 GB SSD memory.

HP has a solution that is balanced and interesting and good value for money, a laptop with a screen 15.6-inch FHD, which is not bad, Amd A8, 8 GB Ram and 256 GB SSD. For those looking for a portable, no-frills, but fast and snappy in all the daily operations. It is located close to the 500 € even the version with an Intel i5 processor.

The model of the upper range of the Swift 1, has a 14-inch display always FHD, but the processor i3, i5 or i7 (depends on the version), 8 GB Ram and 256 GB SSD. Is close to 700 €.

A very good laptop with Full HD display 15.6", processor Intel Core i7-7700HQ, RAM 16 GB, hard drive-hybrid 1TB and 128 GB SSD, dedicated graphics card NVidia GTX1050. Has a price close to 1000 €, but a quality-price ratio really is remarkable.

The portable chinese are part of a category in part because it offered such a great price, and because they can often boast a very high price / performance ratio. To those who choose them, however, should be aware of some of the problems: the almost lack of assistance (the warranty is often a year, there is but you have to return at your expense the notebook in China); the lack of spare parts and of the patterns; the keyboard in the format of USE ( the layout is similar to ours but with some important differences).

Excellent representatives of the category are the portable Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Air excellent quality to price ratio, build quality and performance (also thanks to the SSD). It starts from the base model of the Xiaomi Air 12.5-inch with Intel processor m3, 4GB Ram and 128 GB of Rom, which is sold for a figure close to 500 €, the most expensive, but always tempting to Xiaomi Air from 13.5. A special mention also deserves the great I Notebook Pro 15.6-inch (price starting from 700 €), with its magnesium-alloy construction, the Intel i5 processor of the eighth generation, the 8 GB of Ram and 256 GB SSD.

Climbing over the threshold of 1000 € are primarily portable Gaming and ultrabook high-end. Both categories rarely have less of the presence of an SSD or a hard disk hybrid.

For this reason, we invite you to consult our in-depth analysis on these two bands:

Our article about best laptops with SSD's has come to the conclusion we hope to have helped you to find the notebook for you.

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