Lady Oscar, concludes the series of unreleased de The Rose of Versailles


Published on Mar 30, 2018


March 23, 2018 Shueisha has published the 14th book of Lady Oscar – The Rose of Versailles, through which we learn that with this register the number of chapters previously unreleased tracks (Versailles no Bara Episode) launched by the sensei Riyoko Ikeda in 2013 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of his famous work has come to an end.

Volume 14 collects the story arc on Rosalie, which took place under the title of Episode 9 on the pages of the journal to Margaret in October 2017; initially planned as a story in two parts (with the second and last to be out in November 2017), the saga has been enriched with two additional chapters that were published in January and February.

The story of Episode 9 is set after the execution of marie Antoinette, when Rosalie begins to notice suspicious activity around her husband Bernard.

From 2013 the new original episodes have gone on to form the new episodes that continue the original page numbers of the first edition of the book in the ten volume was: volume 11 came out in August of 2014, the volume 12 in July 2015, volume 13 at the beginning of 2017.

Source: ANN

Lady Oscar, concludes the series of unreleased de The Rose of Versailles is




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