Lady Gaga, bionic woman, for Paper Magazine


Published on Mar 17, 2020


Photo: @ Instagram/ Paper

Lady Gaga is a bionic woman on the new cover of Paper Magazine!

The images of the singer, photographed from behind, completely naked, were processed using a 3D scanner from artist Frederik Heyman, and the final result is really amazing.

Before you can browse the gallery with the most striking images of Lady Gaga on Paper Magazine, here's an excerpt of the interview released by the blonde for the occasion.

On “Stupid Love“, hacked and circulated before the official release:

“At a certain point, I and my manager, Bobby, we were thinking to change the single, but we had spent many months developing the video and the choreography, so I said: ‘NO!’ Do you know why? Because the song, after being mixed, mastered and completed with its visual elements, would prove to be a real work of art. In short, we have not suffered a loss.”

On how you truly feel about it, “ARTPOP,” the album released in 2013 that gave the impression of having denied following the publication of a post on Twitter in which he said “I forgot ARTPOP”.

“I think it's funny that I should be allowed to have a bit of a sense of humor. The Internet is basically a joke, but if I say something, everybody goes out of the head. I do not regret of my art, and would not recommend anyone to do so.”

On the challenge of being happy:

“Happiness is not a simple thing. I have a clinical depression. If someone says to me: ‘come on, just be happy.’ I reply, ‘may you Be fucking happy'”.





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