Lady Diana pregnant at the time of the murder: the autopsy and the truth shock

Published on Sep 26, 2018

Lady Diana pregnant with Dody Al Fayed at the time of the crash fatal? The interview with the doctor who did the autopsy

Even 21 years after his tragic death, princess Diana remains one of the most beloved faces from the subjects of the british monarchy. His death, in part still shrouded in mystery for years, has been at the center of conspiracy theories and insinuations are concerned.

Lady Diana was killed? There are of thesis conspiracy that aim to support exactly this, but the truth seems different. The theory, however, which the british press, the crown and the children of the princess have never believed, but that have struck the attention of the English people.

One of these theories suggested that, at the time of the tragic end, lady Diana was pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed. Only recently, after twenty-one years, Dr. Richard Shepherd, who first performed the autopsy on the corpse of Lady D, has decided to answer some of the questions been put to him by journalists about the tragic accident occurred in the tunnel of Alma in Paris.

The anatomist has officially confirmed to journalists that there was no evidence of a pathological pregnancy of Lady Diana at the time of the autopsy, and therefore it cannot be excluded that this was pregnant.

The real cause of death, according to Shepherd, is attributable to the fact that the princess, at the moment of impact not wearing your seat belt, as well as Al Fayed, and the same driver of the black Mercedes that was at the edge of the two. The only to save themselves in the battle, continues The doctor was the bodyguard To the al Fayed, the latter was the only one in the car to bring the safety belt fastened.

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