Lady Diana and Charles, the secret daughter comes out: ‘She's 37 years old and...

Published on Oct 10, 2018

Lady Diana with her story has touched so many people. Now, several years after his death, there is the possibility that the Princess had a daughter

We all know that Lady Diana and Prince Charles had two sons, but you know that it also speaks of the possibility of a daughter a secret? The story is back a few months ago to talk about itself after an article of News 2000, which incorporates the amazing story of Sarah.

The girl would be a 37-year-old from Kentucky that could, hypothetically, also be queen, and, indeed, would have already advanced claims to the throne. According to the rumors, prince William and Kate middleton that they would have already tried to dissuade her in a brief, secret meeting.

This girl, as reported by the weekly and the Globe, which in 2015 would have organized even a meeting between Kate and the probable sister-in-law in New York, would not be born naturally.

The blonde copy of Lady D in the american version was conceived without the knowledge of the Royal Family grace to a genetic test that queen Elizabeth wanted to do on the fertility of the goddess Diana.

This is a true story? Novella 2000 it is said that in December 1980, the sovereign subjected Lady Diana and Charles in a trial of in vitro fertilization. The queen gave her blessing to the marriage only after the finding of the formation of an embryo, a sign of fertility Diana.

But that day, at the end of the experiment, the assistant of the gynecologist of the court would not destroy the embryo, but the would be transferred in the womb of his wife, thus bringing to term a pregnancy that today, over 30 years later, could completely upset the balance of the royal family.

Sarah would have been conceived eleven months before William, and if everything you said were true, might aspire to the throne of the United Kingdom. At the time, Charles and Diana were not married yet. In the United Kingdom the fertilization heterologous is common practice.

Even surrogate motherhood is permitted since 1985, but it has to be supported free of charge, except for costs related to pregnancy and only to residents. In short, unless disproved everything makes us think that this girl really could be the daughter of the beloved princess.

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