Lady and the Tramp: the trailer from D23


Published on Aug 24, 2019


The live-action Lady and the Tramp aims to excite you viewers, but also raise awareness about the condition of the animals: the dog who will play Biagio was in fact taken from an animal shelter, HALO Animal Rescue of Phoenix.

“We took it with us in April 2018 and we already knew would be destined to great things,” explains the president of HALO's Heather Allen to AZcentral “we Knew we had the makings for acting in Hollywood. Soon proved to be a loving, obedient, has learned by now to sit on command and to walk smartly on a leash. And’ a dog was born from the crossing of different Terrier, has the relief in his instinct. It is truly unique, friendly and sociable”.

This was the first poster, straight from the D23 2019:

To give a voice to Lilli, american Cocker who fall in love with the stray Biagio (voiced by Justin Theroux), will be Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie in the MCU).In the cast of the voice actors of the film also Ashley Jensen as the voice of Jackie, the scottish terrier in friendship with Fido and Lilli; Sam Elliott (Trust), Thomas Mann (John Dear), Janelle Monáe (the Guild) and Benedict Wong (Bull).

The film, which will be directed by Charlie Bean, will be launched on the new service, the digital streaming of Disney, a new platform that will also host content, Pixar, Marvel and the new tv series of Star Wars.

The original Lady and the Tramp, animated feature, released in 1955, tells the love story between Lady, a cocker spaniel of a breed that grew up with a wealthy bourgeois family, and a mutt tramp who teaches them to live in the wild.

Lady and the Tramp: the trailer from the D23 is




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