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Published on Mar 18, 2020


Do you remember those films with the dogs and pets and any of the afternoon Italia1? It is in this dimension that registers with the live action Lady and the Tramp (the original Lady and the Tramp), thought, however, for the small screen of the streaming service Disney+ on arrival in Italy on the 24th of march and not for the big screen cinema, as well as others.

The first original film of the new platform, what is surprising is not the putting into the scene “without infamy and without praise,” but the verve of the modern with which this history is served to the public, family, Disney+, for a perfect afternoon/evening where the whole family just having subscribed will be able to see it together.

The plot is the same: Lilli is ordered, perfumed, a bit spoiled, love of the masters. Him, Biagio, “the Tramp,” is a stray defiant and heartbreaker, that for nothing in the world would dare give up his own freedom, as to be constantly repeating to all. The birth of a baby in the house, however, puts in crisis Lilli, who finds himself “substituted” in the heart of the owners. The worlds of the two dogs, so far away, you will meet by chance and discover they can learn a great deal from one another, and especially to give themselves something to each other.

The debutant director Charlie Bean the result is a product to point to the streaming service, especially for the balance between dogs and actors (and non actors dogs), and CGI facial of the same, that does not shine, but even this time there overly. The packaging is from a christmas movie (in the Usa it is released in November when it came to the streaming service overseas, and in the story itself we are in the holiday period) and what is surprising is not so much the scenes that are recreated or the sequences more or less faithful to the original animated, as is the case in other live-action wide-ranging, but the vision of the whole, well-balanced in its various aspects.

The vocal cast chosen stands out especially thanks to the performances (in original) of the two protagonists, Tessa Thompson (Lilli) and Justin Theroux (the Tramp), along with a special mention to Sam Elliott (the adorable grumpy dog “policeman of the district” Rusty). Thompson and Theroux show chemistry and verve that explore all the nuances irreverent dates from the screenplay by Andrew Bujalski and Kari Granlund, who seems to be in step with the times while recounting a time in the past (think of the hint of the racial integration of the protagonist couple and for the voices of the original choices for Lady and the Tramp).

The atmosphere and the music jazz recall the disney-like princess and the frog, the merits of the setting in Louisiana. For the cast of “live action” is very well stocked, the company composed of actors that are often television, such as Kiersey Clemons, Thomas Mann, F. Murray Abraham (unrecognizable from the Daradal of Homeland yet guessed), Yvette Nicole Brown, Adrian Martinez, and Ken Jeong.

The musical moments are few, and above all they are not the centre of this transposition, pointing rather to the dogs actors (and non actors dogs) that gigioneggiano, just like in the cartoon, 1955, on humans. On all the famous “Bella Notte”, from which the film could not refuse.

The new Lady and the Tramp Disney+ you will then register in size from “small screen” without coming away with broken bones, but with a nice home entertainment, and with a verve modern slightly mentioned.

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