Labyrinth: the origins of Jareth in a miniseries of comics!

Published on Nov 15, 2017

The origins of Jareth, the King of the city of the Goblins of Labyrinth, will be revealed through a miniseries of comics announced today by Boom Studios

While Sony seems to be still in search of a worthy replacement of David Bowie to the movie reboot, long in advance of the Labyrinth (greeting), Boom Studios has announced a miniseries of comics that will tell the origins of Jareth, the character played by the singer in the cult film of 1986.

The miniseries, which will be called simply “Labyrinth”, will be written by Simon Spurrier and illustratta by Daniel Bayliss, who have the task to bring us back to the eighteenth century in Italy, when Jareth was still a simple human, and not the King of the city of the Goblins seen in the film.

The daughter of Jim Henson, Lisa Henson, chief executive officer of the company of the father, has explained that the series will tell the story of how Jareth managed to get in the maze and how it has managed to become the master of the whole kingdom of the Goblins.

The miniseries will consist of a total of four numbers that come out in the comics stars and stripes starting from February 2018.

Waiting for the release of the comic, here are the three covers of the first issue, edited by Bill Sienkiewicz, Fiona Staples, and Jill Thompson.

Source: EW

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