Labyrinth: Adam Savage shows us the model created at the Weta Workshop

Published on Jan 16, 2017

Adam Savage flies in New Zealand the discovery of the plastic of the Labyrinth constructed at the Weta Workshop to be a fan of Table Games

Finished the adventure of Mythbusters, Adam Savage is preseguendo with his web show Tested and, this time, is flown to New Zealand to meet with Johnny Fraser-Allen, the official sculptor of the thumbnail views in the board game Jim Henson''s Labyrinth (arrived in Italy thanks to Dv Games).

Employed at Weta Workshop, Johnny was always a fan of the films of Jim Henson, so much so that it convinced me to get into the film industry fascinated just by the quality of the goblins seen in the film. At the completion of the work on the GdT of the River Horse, the artist has, therefore, continued to sculpt for his own personal maze of modular construction that, once completed, will occupy an entire room.

Thanks to the video produced by Adam Savage can also give us a brief look at the first completed section of the maze, which will include, in the future, the City of Goblins, the Gora of Eternal Stench, and the Castle of Jareth. The plastic will be used by Johnny to be played with its GdT, but the idea would be to make a retail version (in a smaller scale of course) for a hypothetical game of his own invention. We strongly hope that we can...

In addition to the model of the Labyrinth, in the movie you can also admire the original models used for the creation of thumbnails used in the board game by River Horse.

Here it is:

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