Labyrinth: a new movie is coming with Faith Alvarez director

Published on Apr 16, 2017

Faith Alvarez will be the director of the new film for TriStar Pictures

Deadline has just announced that TriStar Pictures will produce a new film set in the universe of Labyrinth, the cult of 1986 directed by Jim Henson and performed by the late David Bowie and Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly.

Faith Alvarez will be directing this new film, based on a script by Jay Basu, and according to the rumors leaked, it will not be a sequel or a remake.

The same Faith Alvarez has spoken of an “expansion” of the universe of the Labyrinth:

Labyrinth is one of the film's fundamental of my childhood that made me fall in love with cinema.

I could not be more excited to expand the universe of memorable Jim Henson and bring in a new generation of viewers back in that Maze.

With the absence of Bowie and the far from obvious involvement of Jennifer Connelly, we are very curious to know new details about this new project, in the hope that it will be at the height of the original movie of 1986, one of the cornerstones of the fantasy genre and of which we present the original trailer.

The production of the new film will be in the hands of Lisa Henson of The Henson Company, and Nicole Brown will oversee everything on behalf of the TriStar.

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