La prova del cuoco plays: the 13% share in his condemnation of Elisa Isoardi. The victory goes to the Forum


Published on Sep 20, 2018


A media from which Elisa Isoardi does not seem to be able to unglue one of the 13 % share. Thirteen is a lucky number in some cases, more than unlucky in others. The first ten days of The trial of the chef are completely to forget for the ratings: after a good start, based on the curiosity and also the desire of the public to rediscover the good old program, viewers have rejected the innovations of Elisa Isoardi. The presenter leads on Rai 1 the Proof of the cook program, a program that however, to the audience at home do not like. This is understood as it is clear that the ratings will not exceed the threshold, even if with the arrival of winter, a little something may change. Pointless to continue to reiterate concepts already expressed, talking about what does not work in the program also because the Isoardi has decided to go straight to the road. Small change this week to bring Christmas Come, beloved face de La prova del cuoco and put it at the stove with his recipes. The public appreciates, but this does not serve to nothing for the ratings.

Of the rest if you want to change, we must also satisfy of the results, and we must take responsibility of the changes. The changes, however, for the moment, have brought very few results in the house of Rai, because, after the first episode of La prova del cuoco aired on September 11, the victory in that time slot has been delivered, not to say given, a Forum that with the 17% share of crushes the competition and is the program leader of that time slot.

As a result flop for the program of Rai 1 that last year's was dangerously approaching from the Forum but that had always been able to keep the head of the program of the Palombelli. Things, in this tv season, go in another direction. And if the Rai wins the first part of the morning, One in the Morning and Stories in your head, starts to lose pieces since from 11.30. Last year held at least until 14, then succumb to Channel 5 for a week now, the declining phase, begins well before.

And now some numbers: here's the challenge yesterday, with the data from auditel relating to the 19th of September 2018

Listen to The evidence of the cook September 19, 2018: The Test of the Cook " has collected 1.347.000 viewers with 13.9%

Listen to Forum 19 September 2018: Forum get to 1.294.000 viewers with 17%.

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