La Llorona – The Tears of Evil: movie trailer


Published on Feb 11, 2019


Warner Bros. has released the official trailer to the ITALIAN of La Llorona – The Tears of Evil, a horror movie signed by Michael Chaves by The producers of The Conjuring, with LINDA CARDELLINI, RAYMOND CRUZ, PATRICIA VELASQUEZ, MARISOL RAMIREZ:

The Llorona. The woman crying. An apparition, a terrifying, trapped between the Paradise and the Hell, that of a woman marked by a terrible destiny that he has created with his own hands.

The only hear mention of his name terrified the world for generations. His guilt was that of having drowned the children in the throes of a fit of anger and jealousy, and then gettatarsi in the same river, desperate and crying. Now her tears are eternal, and lethal, and those who feel that they the night the call of mortal, they are doomed. La Llorona creeps in the shadows and it hunts children, in a desperate attempt to replace them with his own. With the passing of the centuries is the desire to become more and more voracious...and his methods are always the most terrifying.

In the ’70s in Los Angeles, La Llorona wanders the night in search of children. A social worker does not take seriously the ominous warning of a mother suspected of having committed violence on the children, and soon it will be just her, together with her children, to be sucked into a terrifying realm of the supernatural. The only hope to survive the wrath mortal of the Llorona may be a priest of the story and the mystique that practice to drive away evil, where fear and faith meet. Attention to his groaning, chilling...will stop at nothing in order to lure you in the dark.

Why is there no peace for his anguish, there is mercy for his soul. And you can not escape the curse of the Llorona.

La Llorona – The Tears of Evil: the ITALIAN trailer is




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