L. A. marks! Mariel, a viking on the streets of the angels

Published on Jan 19, 2016

I do what I want! Until I return in Italy. I'm trying to settle in this land of the angels. Los Angeles seems to be a hell located in heaven, a vast city of perdition, dreams, crack, divi and homeless, surrounded by hills left. No wait, not even this is correct, it is not so...

Because it seems different on each awakening and each is what he did the night before.

What I did tonight? In a delirium I removed from the wall of the device smoke! I had fought the night before, I'd rather take the fire than spend the night with a BEEP that echoes in the head. I wake up a little bit destroyed and I'm doing breakfast at Coffee Bean with the bearded one from the hangover that tells me to be George Clooney... I don't know if I sleep or am awake.

Zach Galifianakis... Or George Clooney?

Zach and I are sitting at a table outside sipping coffee, watching the people pass by, every now and then a word, but without exaggerating. It is made at a certain time, I have to lay off, I have a photoshoot soon. Return home, prepare the backpack and the aspect of the modeling steps to take. Mariel arrives on time on his Mini Cooper, we have to go Merlose Place where he lives Natasha, make-up artist and hair stylist born and raised in the province of Milan, but a resident here since he was 13 years old.

Mariel is a girl Norwegian, blonde, white, light eyes, curvy. Born and raised in Seatre, a small village in the county of Buskerud lost among the lakes and currents, valleys and forests, lived in Latvia, and New York before moving to Los Angeles. Mariel is an artist of the rebellious and ambitious, he believes that art should play an important role in influencing people, but not only this, for her, art is the only medium that allows you to deal with life. So the rebels we are we decided to go a little bit further, risking even to attract a few police patrol for nudity in public.

Mariel Gomsrud. Merlose Ave.

I: Los Angeles and New York, a race I would say
MARIEL: THE really has become my home but my dream is to be bicoastal because I was lacking a little New York. I: but you still feel Norwegian...
MARIEL: 100%, totally viking!
I: When and why you moved here in the land of the angels?
MARIEL: I was 20 years old, I wanted to continue my studies in acting and pursue an acting career.
I: what are the beautiful Los Angeles?
MARIEL: well, the climate is fantastic and the choice, the choice to go in the day on the beach or in the desert, in the city or in the mountains, this makes it magical. Another thing that I love is that Los Angeles is a soup of cultures and races, and this is really important to humanity, learn to accept and understand each other. But what I love most about this city is the freedom of expression, the freedom to be yourself, no matter who or what you are, stands well as your eccentric flag with pride!
I: I'll give you reason, here you can be yourself, you lighten the weight of the masks, there are also many negative sides, however,...
MARIEL: so many people false! Traffic! And it's easy to get lost in your own bubble and forget what happens in the rest of the world, which is a terrible thing. For me it is very important to keep the feet on the ground.
I: when you came to how you were?
MARIEL: oh, I was naive and innocent, I didn't know how shady and dirty, was the world of entertainment. I didn't know what that might be difficult for an artist to survive in spite of the palm trees and the sun. It is not always as easy as it may seem. There are so many factors that you need to consider to make it. I feel that I'm doing a good job, I am a good person and I'm happy to be here.
I: how do you spend your time here in Los Angeles?
MARIEL: I work a lot, I love to work! I am very busy with my business of acting and modeling and with a production company that I founded with my twin sister, “For Love Productions”.
I: is it true you have a twin sister?
MARIEL: yes and she also a model
I know we could do something together
MARIEL: we happened to work in pairs even if we are probably the opposite of one another, and each from then the best alone, with regard to the modeling... while for the rest we write together, direct and produce Conscious Media. We have many projects in dance and are really excited to share them with the world.
I: but in addition to work? You will also have free time, I hope, or the loans all in the business?
MARIEL: but of course! They are always ready for adventure, I love road trips, visiting new places, attending music festivals, shows and events. Apart from that I go jogging every morning, I do yoga and I love to dine or just drink in the company
I: ah well, I see that you enjoy the great
MARIEL: You! I'm also starting to attend a course of Pole Dance, I can't wait!!
I: all are in Los Angeles with more dreams in the suitcase, the clothes, the small or
it is, what are yours? MARIEL: change the world through my art, to be a positive force!
I: that's it?
MARIEL: I have always had the dream of winning an Oscar both as an actress and as a director
I: that's it?
MARIEL: I live to create, express, evoke, provoke and tell stories that can generate change.
I: you must be a woman determined, therefore,
MARIEL: they are too damn stubborn and fearless when it comes to my art, I put a lot of passion!
I: and men? You say to me?
MARIEL: love is the most important thing. I love men, I find them very fascinating. When it comes to love, I fear, understand it when I fall in love because it happens quickly and deeply. I believe I have brava to attract the attention of men, but I'm afraid to go beyond it, fear of rejection or abandonment. Nothing excites me more than monogamy, the events of one night are not really what draws me.

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