L. A. marks! Lee, the ruler of the valley

Published on Apr 20, 2016

You know, Los Angeles is great, the girl that I'm going to go take pictures he lives in one of the neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley. This time I do give a pass to a friend from the same parts.

Lee lives alone in a house, send him a message to tell her that I arrived, but not to the door. I call her on the phone a couple of times, nothing. The doorbell is beyond the gate, I would not want to enter the wrong house, and then scare someone with a gun... But I have no choice, I go with light footwork and sound the bell. I open Lee, with a sweet smile invites me to enter and shows me the various rooms where we can take.

Lee is from a town near Sacramento, in northern California, his mother is fillippino-Korean and his father is mexican-German. After a love story, is very troubled in the Bay Area and runs away without saying anything not even to the parents.

LEE: I didn't know where to go, the metropolis closest was Los Angeles, and so I had no choice. I: How old were you? LEE: 21 when I moved to Hollywood. I: did you know someone? LEE: No, I lived in a hotel for a month, I didn't know where to go.. then I found a photographer on fb, we had a friend in common. I went to stay with him, I was earning some money as a model, and as a tutor for the models... and I also worked in a clothes shop. I: AND have you established here? LEE: No... I was going to live in the Bay Area, but then a friend of mine told me that he was moving to LA and I went down with her. We were working for a label, rhythm blues... and Then there were complications... I have changed several times for various reasons.

ME: What the hell there is a throne in your house? LEE: I have given as almost all the things that you see in here. I: You have so many admirers? LEE: they like TO give me things, I am a Femdom I: sorry? LEE: a dominatrix. One day I received a phone call from a person with whom I had worked in the past, he offered the opportunity to work in BDSM – (Bondage and Disciplines (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM), editor's note). They paid me to subdue men. It was something extreme, but has helped me to grow and find more strength in myself after that troubled history that have been abused for two years. I: this IS a bizarre... LEE: I worked for another production company, if in the first the genre was the Princess of fetish, with the second I started the femdom. I: You said that the people makes you such gifts have come in contact with you fans? LEE: I began to enter my email on the sites that hosted my video-thus creating a contact with my audience, I have become a findom I: and that is? LEE: financial dominant, people started to email me that they liked what I was doing and make me requests extravagant but I told them that I did not do a fuck of what they asked me! (laughs) they Have to do what I say! So I found the people who paid for the washing of the dishes or kiss me on your shoes or to simply do nothing.

The evening falls and the house of Lee I almost fear that some maniac come in the house like in a fucking horror movie? Here the houses seem to be so easily valicabili. Lee shows me a mail just arrived from a stranger who writes that she bought a pair of shoes. Most of these people are sycophantic that Lee has never met. Lee shows me two closets full of shoes and some of her videos that demonstrate what it does to men, who often are normal people... or so it seems.

LEE: In the video I do not undress, they undress. Are my slaves. I: AND the cameraman? LEE: this IS one of my slaves, domino also him. I: Do sex? LEE: With the slaves, absolutely not! I can even tap, to a maximum of the walk if I ask I... ME: but your sex life is so? LEE: in personal relationships are normal, this is a job. However, they are single for a long time and by a lot I do not do sex.

I: aren't you afraid? LEE: No I: what is The most strange? LEE: I have played darts, which is one of my favorite games I: AND what's so strange? LEE: I used the back of a man (laughs) I: But your mother said that? He knows something? LEE: Yes, some videos of them he shot her.

Text and photos by Marco Gallico


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