Kylie Jenner: the gift that did stay, the sisters open mouth


Published on May 09, 2020


Kylie Jenner: the gift to the sisters is a clutch bag with crystal in the shape of a cheetah from more than 5000 dollars he has given to Kim and Khloe during the exchange of present for mother's day. The Jenner has started early celebrations for the feast of the mother giving to her sisters, Kim and Khloe this object of great value.

The youngest member of the family Kardashian / Jenner could not hesitate to spend money for his two older sisters in order to celebrate this special festival. The case of crystal, representative of the feline is Judith Liber.

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The young mom Khloé 35 years, the happy of the gift she has told her story on Instagram to show off her sparkling new accessory and thank you little sister. He wrote: “Awww, I love you my sissy, @kyliejenner”.

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Kim, 39, has published a video that shows his clutch crystal, saying: “I mean, seriously, Kylie? For mother's day? That's nice”. It is not known if Kylie has made a gift to Kourtney, 41 years old, mother of three addition to the clutch bag in the shape of a cheetah, Kim has been tainted by the other sister Khloe, who gave her a bag from makeup Christian Dior blue and a Little Quarantine Kit” of the mother.

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