Kylie Jenner: no mercy for the traitors, or maybe yes...


Published on Mar 31, 2020


Kylie Jenner knows what to test for the traitors. Note influencers as well as the managing director of Kylie Cosmetics has revealed this idea while taking part in a game for his YouTube channel called “Most Likely To” (“Very likely”) with the other members of his team: Anastasia Karanikolaou, Victoria Villarroel and Yris Palmer.

Even if the video was released on the 27th of march, the game was filmed prior to the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus. In each round, asked a question that begins with “very likely” (from which the title of the game). The question number 11 has raised this question: “Very likely perdoneresti a partner who betrays you?”. The response of the Jenner, not long to wait: “Honestly? Vaffa***it!”. “Next question”, was his way of wriggling...

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The funny scene has found prominence in the gossip after some rumors the americans were saying that the Jenner was still meeting with her ex, Travis Scott, by whom he had his daughter Flocks Webster, before separating in September 2019. But how are the relations between the two? Not actually clear, since the two confused always the fans that do not understand if between the two there is only one estimation or another...

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In this regard, in the event of a source close to the couple that HollywoodLife has made it clear, or at least there has tried, the situation: “Kylie and Travis have a very strong bond, but at the moment you can consider an exclusive relationship. You will encounter, but nothing more. They have so much mutual respect, but they seem to want different things long-term. They don't fight and get along primarily for the sake of the Flocks.

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