Kuo anticipates the News about the upcoming Apple Event on October 30th: here's what we should expect


Published on Oct 24, 2018


Missing a few days at the new Apple Event (remember you can follow live on a little space from 14:30) and the usual Ming-Chi Kuo has launched in the predictions. Considering the importance of this analyst and his knowledge, the advances of which provides us with could actually coincide with the news that will be presented by Apple.

Now on this device, but we have no doubt. Kuo claims that will be two: a model, 10.5 inches, and a 12.9-inch. Will have a USB port-C, the display improved, and an Apple Pencil repaint. It will also change the aesthetics thanks to the removal of the Home button, the frames of the most subtle and Face ID (without a Notch).

The version of “mignon” of the iPad is not dead. Apple does not update it for a long time, but in the new lineup, in addition to the new Pro that ensure excellent performance for professionals, there will also be a new iPad Mini. Will be up-to-date hardware making it more efficient and in line with the times, and in this case also may be adopted a type of screen that is reminiscent of the iPhone XR. Kuo it is similar to a lot about this model: could be presented on the 30th of October or in the early months of 2019.

The analyst declares that will likely be presented the new Mac to the event. One among all will be a MacBook at a low cost that will replace the current Air. The other computer will get updates of hardware, but not aesthetic. For example, iMac and Mac Mini.

Apple might be finally ready to launch the AirPower, the base wireless charging, multi-device and with it also the AirPods with box Wireless. If it is not launched in this period, during the event in some way if they speak to you and the launch could be postponed to the first months of 2019.

In short, nothing bad. We can expect a nice event, which this year takes place in New York instead of in California, and considering the daylight saving time and time zone, will take place much sooner than usual. We are accustomed to 19:00 Italian, but this time will start at 15:00. On iSpazio, you can follow it live from our page and on our YouTube channel. We will start a little earlier, between 14:00 and 14:30, to prepare ourselves for the better.

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