Koogeek offers new discount codes on Amazon!


Published on Sep 06, 2018


Koogeek offers discount new products on Amazon. In our article you can find the discount codes the most interesting.

Let's start with the first discount, which is dedicated to a power smart compatible with Apple's HomeKit, Amazon, Alexa and Google Assistant. We find from 34,99€ 25,19€ with the discount code RM7CR4C5

Buy the jack smart

Let's move on then to the second product in a discount, or a strip of LED smart dimmable compatible with Apple's HomeKit, Google's Assistant, and Alexa. It is powered by USB and it is waterproof IP65. We find from 36,99€ 28,85€ with the discount code XNCXMSCL

Buy the LED strip smart

Let's talk about a gauge for the wrist blood pressure. One of the most interesting aspects of this accessory, in addition to the reliability of the measurements, is given by the ease of use: it is sufficient to apply the strap to your wrist and click a button to measure the pressure and the heartbeat in a few seconds. The data can be stored automatically using the app Koogeek for iPhone. The connection with the smartphone can be via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The device allows you to create up to 16 different users, with different check-ins that allow you to have a history divided by the patient. Always using the app, all the data can be shared with your doctor or with other members of the family. The various measurements are also automatically saved in the app Health iOS.

Usually available at 36,99€, with the discount code 26CPCXSH, we find him in 20,99€ on Amazon.

Buy the pressure gauge

Always tied to Koogeek, the brand Meterk has made available three tools at discount:

Finally, I will point out two products in discount, made by TomShoo:

The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.

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