Koogeek: bulbs and sockets smart with discount code exclusive


Published on May 11, 2018


Good news for our readers, Koogeek has provided three very interesting products with discount code exclusive. It is, essentially, two smart accessories to use in the house and a third product discounted. Let's find them out.

Let's start with the first product made available by Koogeek, or a light bulb smart colorful that does not require any type of HUB, and that works without problems with HomeKit of Apple, then with the app Home, and with Siri.

The bulb of type E27, and it is 8W (equivalent to 60W of a standard incandescent). The color temperature of the white from 2700K to 6000K while the colors are available at the discretion of the user. The brightness is 500lm.

Usually the product is available at 34,99€ on Amazon, but with the discount code PWXMHBZW the price drops down to 16,99€.

Buy the light bulb smart

We come to the second product in a discount, or a socket, smart light bulbs. It is a simple accessory that makes all bulb E27-compatible with HomeKit. The product then works in the same way as light bulbs smart, even if it is a simple adapter, then you can check it from the Syrians, from the app, and so on.

Usually available at 39,99€ on Amazon, with the code YW3KN9Y6 the price drops down to 17,99€.

Buy the socket, smart light bulbs

Finally, the last product to consider with a discount code is a blood pressure meter wrist compatible with Apple and Android.

Usually available at 36,99€, with the discount code LCOC8FQP the product is available at 15,99€.

Buy the pressure gauge

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