Koch Media: outputs of October 2019


Published on Sep 21, 2019


Koch Media has released the home video releases scheduled for October 2019.

My life with John F. Donovan

From October 17 on DVD and Blu-Ray

Rupert Turner, a young actor, she decides to tell the true story of John F. Donovan, star of the american television disappeared ten years before, that a correspondence had opened the doors of the heart, revealing the emotional upheavals of a hidden secret in the eyes of all. Traces the life and career, from the rise to the decline, caused by a scandal everything to prove.

Smoke of London

From October 17 on DVD, and 4K + Blu-Ray

Dante Fountain, an antique dealer of Perugia infatuated with what she believes to be the british culture, for London, on the occasion of an auction. Here is in contact with the nobility, and the underground culture of the local.


From October 17 on DVD and Blu-Ray

The box set contains 2 films:
An intimate journey into the life of the impressionist artist most loved and places that have inspired him through dozens of works high-definition shooting and the letters to the friends.
The film event dedicated to the father of Impressionism and his obsession with water lilies.

Klimt & Schiele – Eros and Psyche

From October 17 on DVD and Blu-Ray

With the First World War, in Vienna ends a golden age. Two artists that represent the soul a restless and passionate of the city in the historical period: the Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

PJ Masks – The terrible dinosaur

From the 31st of October in DVD

Romeo becomes a model of a pterodactyl-a flying robot, will Gufetta to stop him with the help of Gecko and Gattoboy?

Scream Street Vol. 1-2

From the 31st of October in DVD


Throughout the first season with the adventures of Luke Watson, a boy transformed into a werewolf. Luke lives with his parents to Scream Street, a city inhabited by monsters, where the boy will make friends with vampire Resus, and the vampire Cleo.


From the 31st of October on DVD and Blu-Ray + 4K

Michael Myers is incarcerated in the asylum of Smith's Grove since 1963, when just 6 years old killed stabbed his sister Judith. After 15 years manages to escape and returns to Haddonfield, his hometown.
It is the beginning of a saga that terrorizes the world for over 40 years...

The Doll Killer

From the 31st of October on DVD and Blu-Ray

Karen, a single mother, gives his son Andy a doll “Buddi” for his birthday, unaware of his nature left...

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