Koch Media: all home video releases of January 2019


Published on Nov 28, 2018


Here are all the proposals on home video powered by Koch Media provided for the first month of the year:


Three rich men, married and good fathers of families, they find to their hunting annual in a desert area and isolated. One of them, however, came accompanied by his young lover, a lolita ultra sexy that immediately arouses the desire of the other two. Soon, things degenerate and in the hell of the desert the young woman, given up for dead, back to life. And the hunt turns into a ruthless man-hunting.


After Fahrenheit 9/11, the academy Award winner Michael Moore shifts his attention to another significant date, November 9, 2016, the day on which Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. A fresco liberal and anticonservatore that does not target only the United States administration, but also the policies of the Democrats and the Republicans which led to the current political situation. The story polished, and the bitterness of the political elections that led to the victory of Donald Trump, but also a real call to action on the part of an unstoppable, overwhelming Michael Moore.


Masha and the Bear are back with adventures all new in 7 fun-packed episodes for the whole family! Masha has a dream: to be the first girl on the space! Will he Bear build a rocket and take it... on the moon? 7 new original episodes, never seen on TV!


VERMEER AND MUSIC: An extraordinary film event that tells the figure of the great artist, combining materials shot in the show and filming in the places native to Vermeer: an immersion in fantasy, in the world and in the everyday life of the artist thanks to the big screen to allow fans to capture details invisible to the naked eye.
THE GIRL WITH The PEARL EARRING: The girl with the pearl earring, by Jan Vermeer offers in all its silent, graceful beauty. Concluded a tour of multi-year in the most important museums of the planet, the gem of the North returns to the Mauritshuis Museum is ready to tell his story. Moreover, the tour explores the connections between art and literature, painting and cinema, images and the imaginary, thanks to interviews with experts and writers. In addition to the work of Vermeer you will also discover the “anatomy Lesson of dr. Tulp” by Rembrandt and “The Goldfinch” by Carel Fabritius, and is transported by the words of Proust in the heart of the most beautiful paintings of the XVII century, Dutch.


A group of boys motorcycle adventure to explore a remote and fascinating region of Brazil. Suddenly everything becomes a race for survival when a quartet of mysterious bikers will put on their tracks and begin to braccarli without mercy...


To add a little spice to their marriage in crisis, americans are wealthy Anne and Bob move into a manor house in the romantic city of Paris. While preparing for a dinner especially luxurious with their sophisticated friends, Anne discovers that the table will be in 13. In panic because of his superstition, insists that the faithful maid Maria will become from a Spanish noblewoman to reach an even number at the table. With the help of a little wine too, Mary, during the dinner you will leave charmed by an English dandy, giving way to a long spell of trouble and perilous misadventures...

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