Kobane Calling becomes a theatre show on tour in Italy


Published on Apr 02, 2019


The masterpiece bestseller Kobane Calling of Zerocalcare became a theatre show: Kobane Calling On the Stage, previewed in the last edition of Lucca Comics & Games. From the graphic novel was born a show that is also a documentary theatre in an original mixture of languages, including the world of comics and that of the theatre.

Kobane Calling On Stage recounts the war without spettacolarizzarla. It is an act of love of the theatre to the poetic world and the changes of the author, but also an act of solidarity to those who, every day in Syria puts their own lives at risk.

Produced by Lucca Comics & Games and Theatres of Embarkation in collaboration with BAO Publishing, the show is directed by Nicholas Zavagli (director and playwright, already the Nastro d'argento and the founder, with the actress Beatrice Visibelli of the company theatre of Boarding) who also took care of the theatrical adaptation, being able to translate for the scenes with the unique style and ironic Zerocalcare, which has embraced the project with great passion.

Kobane Calling On Stage is an homage to the work of an author who, with this work has been able to tell, through his travels in Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan, one of the most important battles for the freedom of our times.

For this reason, Lucca Comics & Games has wanted to give life to this project that is not only a transposition of the most important graphic novel of the roman author, but an unpublished work that, starting from the pages of the comic, transforms on the stage into a genuine short circuit of emotions.

Breaking down the barriers between the art world and the public at large is the philosophy that is the basis of the festival of lucca and of the company Theatres Boarding, which has always built its identity around the idea of a popular theatre art civil.

To play the character of Zerocalcare is Lorenzo Parrotto. With him in the scene, a group of young actors: Luigi Biava, Fabio Cavalieri, Flavio Francucci, Francesco Giordano, Carlotta Mangione, Cristina Poccardi, Marcello Sbigoli, all protagonists of the great choral narration.

After the preview event last year at the Teatro del Giglio of Lucca, Kobane Calling On Stage preparing to go on stage in numerous Italian theatres, with a tour that will start in mid-November and will be presented at the International Book fair of Turin.

Kobane Calling becomes a theatre show on tour in Italy is




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