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Published on Nov 26, 2019


In the chaos of the production season of Netflix you may miss a little gem of animation that pays homage to that of yesterday and look to tomorrow. Klaus – The secret of Christmas you have to take the burden – and privilege – of telling the “true story” of how is born the tradition of letters to Santa Claus... and it all starts with a postman.

A son of the father of the great City forced to an impossible task in a place forgotten by God and, above all, by the Royal Post Office, Smeerensburg, where he was sent in exile after the umpteenth failure. Can he return to breakfast in bed, personal butler – and, above all, silk sheets – only if it is able to revive the fortunes of that place.

Why impossible? Smeerensburg is an island only accessible via a carrier – a sort of Yorkshire christmas – and where it is constantly cold and everything was left to go down the drain. The local school is in disuse, and is now a fishmonger who sells rotten fish managed by a teacher exhausted that he can't wait to leave, because no one believes more in the importance of education; but, above all, the inhabitants did not have letters to be sent because they are too busy trying to get the war between them for a feud that exists from the dawn of time. Trouble to ask why.

Klaus, a woodcutter by the thick white beard and the tonnage, and rugged – reminds you of someone? – who lives as a hermit could be the plot twist necessary to the young Jesper. He has a thousand toys into disuse in their own workshop abandoned on the mountains, and once for the case intercepts the drawing of a child who wants a toy because home-bound... it can't help donargliene one. The but need the help of the postman, do it at night otherwise some of the citizens if they would notice, and maybe coming in from the fireplace to not give in the eye.

Et voilà, the recipe of the christmas movie animation perfect that it looks like the new Nightmare Before Christmas is served! The city constantly lives in the gray – just like Halloweentown – and even its inhabitants seem to pay homage to the stop-motion of Tim Burton, in their being made of forms unsightly and at the same time adorable.

Klaus – The secret of Christmas is a successful mix of traditional 2d and 3d avant-garde, which seems to pay homage to works such as The Nutcracker, not forgetting the nod to this with the black music for the moments of revenge of Jesper. Smeerensburg is becomes colored when the children, even if “corrupted” by the toys, they will manage to change his mind even to adults. In the midst of so many cliche, but it is always used in an intelligent way, the christmas message goes out loud and clear. Not “no one ever does anything for nothing” as often as we do adults, and what of which he is convinced Jesper, but rather “Every act of good will, always inspires one to another.” How not to shed a tear in the epilogue?

All the protagonists are well characterized and instinctively make its way to the heart of the viewer, who will appreciate the beautiful messages of the fund, and the plot twist predictable, but azzeccatissimi of the film is a must-see in the company of children. Your movie Christmas 2019, put it under the tree.

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