Kiss My A. C. E., all the vitamins of The Débauche

Published on Aug 10, 2018

There we are. We approach the feast of the Assumption with the awareness to live the last heat wave before the summer starts its inevitable downward spiral, in order to hear soon allowed to scrutinize the shelves of craft beers in search of something more structured. But in the meantime there is to be overcome, still a few weeks of warm, the most difficult because they come after a period of work in weather conditions that pushed toward the beach and the sea. There is absolutely no need of a healthy dose of energy!

And, behold, the brewery, The French Debauche, a native of Angoulême, comes to our rescue! Peering at the shelves of Hoppy Ending, one of our reference points to find beer of any kind when we are in Naples, we found the Kiss My A. C. E., beer with the addition of carrot, orange and lemon. Yes, just like the fruit juice whose acronym indicates the major vitamins present: A, C, and E.

In the ACE, the popular drink on the market, the percentage of orange, carrot and lemon are, respectively, 20%, 5% and 5% and the feeling is that the same are maintained in the Kiss My A. C. E. of The Debauche

If, in fact, the idea of a beer can seem like a gamble, its implementation is less so: the items that we have mentioned are all there, but to be simply to characterize that which is a pale ale. The Kiss My A. C. E. it is of an orange color load and a head of foam on a wide, but very very persistent. Evident is, instead, the high gas, which you note as soon as poured the beer in to observe the bubbles rising fast to the surface.

On the nose stand out above all the fresh notes of citrus orange and lemon, accompanied by a certain degree of dryness, while to the taste, the flavor is more interesting and complex.

Remains evident in the flavor citrus, but you perceive also notes of carrot, as well as abundant aromas of cereals. You never get the feeling of drinking a fruit juice sparkling, but some of the signs present on the palate, cannot fail to evoke at times that feeling. Strikes, however, the elegance and the high-level balance with the Kiss My A. C. E. is made from The Debauche, because each element of this beer is present, but in the right measurement, including the lightweight, and pleasant acidity to accompany it.

It is appreciated, besides the obvious, the irony with which The Debauche has treated her Kiss My A. C. E., thanks to the irreverent assonance with the English phrase “kiss my ass”, but it is a boldness in stark contrast with the elegance of the graphics: like many other labels that we could appreciate searching the site of the brewery in French, from the Maneki Neko to the Neipa Pride, and from the PicNic Day is to Freakboo, also the graphics setting of the Kiss My A. C. E. is very valuable, with the name of the beer and decorations accompanying designed as if made in crochet. Fine, elegant and full of personality.

With this Kiss My A. C. E., Debauche has been a pleasant discovery and we will definitely be looking for other beers of a reality that, unfortunately, still did not know.

Photo Credit: Erika Sciamanna


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