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Published on Jan 29, 2019


When it was published in Kingdom Hearts II, the direct predecessor of this third chapter, are the past 14 years, and although in all this time have seen the light in a myriad of chapters of the spin-off, what us, the fans waited with trepidation, however, was in this third chapter of the saga the main, whose gestation was, however, a very, very long.

But Tetsuya Nomura, the creator, character designer and supervisor of the saga, he really gave the best of himself to this superb creation, which has been entrusted with the arduous task to reconstruct in a single skein all the threads woven together in video games earlier, as a spin-off are included. This means that in Kingdom Herts III you will see all the heroes and the antagonists that we have learned to know, love, and hate in all these long years.


We talk for a long time now for this highly anticipated title, and searching on the net you can find an avalanche of content related to it, by the trailer drivers to videogameplay interviews, which, if you do not fear the spoilers, you can make quite a bit of research to satisfy your curiosity. The purpose of my review, in fact, is not to reveal every single detail about Kingdom Hearts III in order not to spoil the surprise and leave you the taste of discovery, but rather to provide a brief and concise analysis of the constitutive elements of highlights from a fan that had expectations very, very high view of the wait, so long that I would have never thought that, one day, I would not only be able to play it really, but I could also write this passionate review.


The universe of Kingdom Hearts is once again in danger, and will be, once again, our Sora, Donald and Goofy to having to put things back in place and avert this danger. If you do not remember in detail what happened in the previous chapters, the title features in its main menu of the Archive function of the Memory, in which there are short summaries of the plot up to this time.

Also Kingdom Hearts III is available, as the other chapters of the series, with audio in English and subtitles and the menu completely in Italian. The voice actors of the characters are the ones that we already know, for which even the actor Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense, A. I. artificial Intelligence) has returned to lend his voice to Sora.

Once started and updated the game to its latest version, you can choose how to set the level of difficulty of a battle by choosing among three different options: Beginner, Standard and Expert. Personally, I chose as always the Standard difficulty, and I confess that I have not encountered any major problems. Later, you will see some beautiful video sequences of introduction (which you can still choose, as with any video, skip), before choosing the salient features of your Sora, in a manner very similar to that to which we were already accustomed to in previous chapters.


Kingdom Hearts III is a product that is visually wonderful: the in-game videos, the scenarios are always very detailed, as even the characters and the details of their clothing, and thanks to a great direction the shots of the panoramic views are truly breathtaking.

As for the gameplay proper, also in this case the choices the visual of combos and special shots will make you shimmer in your eyes! The whole is also accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura, who will accompany them throughout the course of the game.

The reverse of the medal are, however, loads rather slow (you can get around 30 seconds of waiting on the PS4), but it is the right price to pay for a work so painstaking.


The most important news, however, since this is a videogame, can be found in the gameplay: Sora can now climb the walls that give off a glow characteristic and use the columns to move rapidly from one point to another, but these techniques (which you'll assign, as always, with the Skill Points) will be very useful in the combat phase.

It will also be possible to equip our young hero with a maximum of 3 Keyblade for a time, and quickly switch from one to the other depending on your style of play. The same Keyblade are now maintainable in the Workshops Vaan, and have unique abilities for each weapon.

The gameplay is made even more customizable due to the fact that it will be possible to use the Keyblade even from the distance, by pointing a viewfinder against multiple enemies at the same time, in order to release a powerful attack, a system-wide strike all the chosen objectives. The viewfinder is also handy to get to in an instant places that are particularly difficult to reach.

Also, you'll notice when you play a bar which will charge you simply by hitting the enemies with physical attacks or magic spells; once you have completed the sequence, you will unlock more powerful versions of the attack used the most number of times in the combo to fill the bar itself. When, instead, you will be close to an ally, you can make a combined attack with him, and the fantastic Attractions that vary according to the place where you are located, are of the mini-games, bright, frenetic, and fun that will help you inflict massive damage to enemies. Also the patterns will be present, thanks to the command Link.

Some of the Keyblade, then, have their own unique blend, to perform special attacks.

Personally, I believed that put into practice this delirium of the option would be cumbersome and a little fluid, but, fortunately, I am due to change my mind: the gameplay is simple, intuitive, fluid, visually attractive and rewarding.

The game options and customization, which also include minigames for the preparation of dishes that, once consumed, will increase temporarily the parameters of the team, and it will also be possible to take photographs, a little bit, if you want to, as in Final Fantasy XV, to which Nomura has worked in the initial stage of programming. Another novelty concerns the bailouts, which are to be connected: once positioned on the save points, it will be possible to move to any other point already discovered that there is, within that same world, mechanics that will certainly be familiar to fans of Demon's Souls (think of the Arcipietre) and Bloodborne (the Tombstones and Lanterns).

Of course, you will find classic content post-game, and also the section that relates to, and exploration of the various worlds thanks to the Gummiship has been updated and improved.


Kingdom Hearts III is an opera for which it was worth the wait so many years and that close to perfection in any point of view: the graphics are absolutely wonderful, the soundtrack is a good accompaniment to the exploration and the battles, always fast-paced, dynamic, and visually dazzling despite the gameplay itself is very simple, fluid and intuitive. A real must for fans and a great reward for the long years of waiting.

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