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Published on Feb 21, 2018


Kingdom come: Deliverance, is a role-playing game of historical setting of the medieval, developed by Warhorse Studios and published together with Deep Silver, released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, starting from February 13, 2018. The title is completely subtitled in Italian, while there is no dubbing in our language.

The plot of this charming title is set in Bohemia in the 1400's, a period quite tumultuous, with a series of aspirants to the throne, that you make war in order to legitimize their power, between usurpers, rebels, and opposing factions. The events narrated in the game see us playing the role of Henry, the young son of the blacksmith who, during an attack on the fortress in which he works, he is killed together with his wife and many of the inhabitants of the town. We can escape from the fortress now besieged by overwhelming enemy forces, and after various ups and downs, we will be taken under the custody of Lord Radzig Kobyla, who will teach us all the rudiments of the art of the sword.

From here on, we will be completely free to act as we want and, in fact, Kingdom come: Deliverance is an open world title that sees in the main plot, the search of vengeance of our protagonist, but it is full of many quests and secrets, that will give us the ability to explore a huge map full of surprises, without the risk of annoiarci ever. In this game Warhorse Studios really has a longevity all of the above is that it will make you love it in its every facet, provided you can close an eye on some difettuccio of which he is afflicted.

From the graphic point of view, Kingdom come: Deliverance can take advantage of the almost total the maximum potential of the new console generation, with a good care for the texture that makes the gaming experience very immersive, especially when you get into a lush forest, or between the walls of a city teeming with life.

To make the atmosphere and the environments so rich in meticulous detail, Warhorse Studios has made use of the graphic engine CryEngine, which is already known to have been used in famous titles, and from the undoubted quality graphics such as Prey, giving this title a polygon modeling and texture quality to the highest level-the result of many years of gestation of this game.

Polygonal models are one of the most cared for of the entire production, both the characters and environments are highly detailed with great attention to detail, although sometimes, happens here and there some object that had some texture and looks a little less defined. Another aspect of the prominent and well-realized is the dynamic system of lighting which gives the title to a fascinating atmosphere in the different hours of the day and in various environments in which we are going to explore.

With regard to the column soundtrack of Kingdom come: Deliverance, this is quite functional in the title of a medieval setting that we're playing, there are memorable scores of orchestras as for titles such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but the carpet of sound still manages to leave a pleasant impression, although not to remain especially impressed.

The harmonies accompany us in the way of an apt during our history, never invade or contaminate the scene. Quite another thing are the sound effects, extremely cared for in a way that is almost manic. Each object, and our action will result in of the sounds and noises are very realistic, and we immerse you in a very likely in this medieval world.

If until now we have talked largely positive of the game, from the technical point of view, instead, it should be noted, unfortunately, in some of the gaps. For example, the system of scassinamento and pickpocketing are rather cumbersome and at the same time scarce, they are wrong-often, breaking up the expensive picks or becoming the discover and chase by the guards. Only by growing our character and acquiring certain skills, all accompanied by a lot of practice, it simplifies a bit.

The system of the dialogues, instead, is structured in a solid and convincing, with multiple-choice answers that can be expanded by developing the skills of oratory, charisma, and intimidation, thus making it possible to obtain a lot more information from the characters that we meet.

Also the rank of the interlocutor influence in the dialogues, as well as the elegance of the clothes that you wear and our criminal record. Not only that, but also the weapons and armor that we carry, I can intimidate others and drive them to the answers a lot more questions under intimidation, in short, the possibilities put at our disposal to extract information from are really endless.

Very interesting is also the growth of our character, quite different from that seen in other titles of this genre. As for the protagonist of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt of Rivia, we will not be able to create our character from scratch, with the choice of physical appearance, name, and age. We can, however, develop the skills of Henry in a totally free manner during the game.

To develop the many skills available to your character, you'll have to make several times the action that we want to improve, and then assign the points that are obtained at the desired characteristic. As we said before for the dialogues, the more we will talk about the characters that we meet, the more it will grow our charism and our speech, enabling us to get more information from the same person.

We come then to the combat system, among the most controversial aspects of Kingdom come: Deliverance. The mechanics of the combat is not particularly complex, but as for the rest of the game, you will need to take the hand. We will have a button for sword, one for storage and one for the parade, with the cursor deciding the direction in which to inflict the blow. We may also decide to combine the two types of attack to make the assault more effective and do more damage, but we must always keep an eye on the bar of fatigue, which will never fall to zero to avoid becoming vulnerable to enemy shots.

To make our character more and more strong in combat, we will treat many aspects, such as our strength, the weight of the weapon that we choose to use, if there will be used a shield and a multitude of other skills to unlock, that will make us effective in certain situations. All the aspects that make this game the most likely as possible, at the expense perhaps of a greater dynamism, which, however, would have very little realistic or relevant to the setting and the mood of the game itself.

In conclusion, the technical aspect is the one that has perhaps done the most to turn up our noses at the detractors of the game, not infrequently, although the artificial intelligence of the game is pretty good, you can see the phenomena of spinning of the characters and of the animals, which break a little the charm of the wonderful graphics. Also the save system, to name another, is rather cumbersome and frustrating, but we are sure that these are all aspects which are easily solved with one of the patches that have already been announced in the next few days.

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