Kingdom come: Deliverance", is already in development, the first DLC


Published on Mar 11, 2018


This title, born from the funding through Kickstarter, and the development of which lasted more than seven years, has received several criticisms regarding the mechanics, the many bugs and also some of the shortcomings announced during the Kickstarter campaign, which then have not been kept.

Among the deficiencies that are most in demand at Warhorse Studios is that of the absence of the ability to play as a female character, and also not to have a dog as a companion of adventures. These objections answered Daniel Vávra, director of development of the game through messages on a Tweet in which he said that these elements will be added in the future in a free DLC.

Of course it will not be a simple job and that will be done in a very short time, seen that to adapt the game to a female character will involve a number of changes. In addition, the development team at this time is more concentrate to resolve various bugs and mechanical are not very effective in the title.

I dont know what to even say about this. Dear @Polygon, @CharlieHall We said a year ago, that dog companion and female characters quests are gonna be delivered as free DLC for backers as well as other stuff. And that is still true. 1/3

— Daniel Vávra ⚔ (@DanielVavra) March 8, 2018

Finally, in case you do not know Kingdom come: Deliverance, we present here our review of the game.

Kingdom come: Deliverance", is already in development, the first DLC is




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