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Published on Oct 11, 2017


King Arthur for Guy Ritchie wants to say pop. Thanks to the release of home video of King Arthur – the power of The sword and its rich extra content, viewers can find out that Charlie Hunnam is described by all the insiders of the film as the perfect actor to do a lot of action sequences, fighting... and that has a great charm. That's why the special “Arthur with swagger” wants to show how the former protagonist of Sons of Anarchy became the King Arthur more badass and a dick you could find on the square.

Continuing with the contents of the blu-ray, there are many versions of the legend of King Arthur, the Sword in the stone, Merlin, of Geneva, and of the Knights of the Round Table, right from the unforgettable Disney classic: “Sword from the stone” aims to explain to the public why guy Ritchie has chosen this version of the story, and especially this tone of fantasy, and this atmosphere guascona for his Arthur.

The action sequences and fighting are so studied and careful in order to achieve a different thing from what was done so far in film and tv for the clashes medieval Arthur, who all, by the co-ordinator to the stunt technicians up to the extras, you are made in four to get the best... and, above all, achieve the vision of Ritchie: “Parry and bleed” shows the process that has led to astonishing scenes of King Arthur – the power of The sword.

The past is obviously an important part in the film, Ritchie, perhaps the first of a poem, and “few people know that London was once called Londinium, and it was a roman town” as said by the director himself: it is on this basis that the filmmaker and the responsible of the sets they have built a huge set of ad-hoc to re-create the the most possible from the true atmosphere of a London. A London different from that of Sherlock Holmes, as shown in “Building on the past”.

All the skill of the stuntman, their supervisor mentioned just above, but even the actors themselves, is made clear in “Inside the cut – The action of King Arthur”: first of all, Charlie Hunnam and his super physique and his workout constant, including the atmosphere of the camerata, developed with colleagues of the same set. A mini diary of the pre-production is, in fact, the content of “Camelot in 93 days” when everyone and everything you are prepared to start the shooting of the new epic film by Guy Ritchie dedicated to the legend of King Arthur.

There is only the legend in Kin Arthur: there was also need of a sword physics – indeed, of the many copies, more or less heavy, more or less sharp, or in wood for training. “Legend of Excalibur” shows the process of construction and reproduction of one of the swords is legendary; of course, under the supervision of Ritchie, given that it was always his vision of the story... and even Excalibur. Few frills and a power linked to when Charlie Hunnam – as he himself has proposed – the swing with two hands.

Of course, the places are real more than that the sets were rebuilt, are just as important to make the most of the atmosphere desired by the director: “Scenic Scotland” just shows the timeless beauty and mystery that only some scottish landscapes could give King Arthur – the power of The sword. A must buy for fans of Guy Ritchie, but also for those of the legend of Camelot, who want to immerse themselves in a story with fantasy and pop as never seen before.

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