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Published on Mar 13, 2018


The Kindle Amazon are ebook readers popular, it is not so difficult to find on the net sources ebook for free the compatible formats. In this post we will examine the best solutions available on the Web to find books in a virtual format without spending anything.

There are two types of sources of free ebook we will discuss: the first type are the sites that comply with the act on the right by the author, a second type of solutions are much less attentive to copyright.

The first type of portals are there only free books, and works made free of charge for promotional purposes. The second type of solutions (apps and sites), instead they are present in both texts in which the texts are protected by copyright. Please note that, those who download and read books in violation of the rights commits a crime, then we invite you to use these sites with caution, taking care to avoid infringing on the rights of the owners of the works.

Our article will be divided in two parts, here's a quick index:

The rights to a book last according to the Italian law 70 years, Liber Liber is a massive archive containing those books that are now free, and some texts contemporary that their authors wanted to donate. Liber Liber is an association not-for-profit organization founded in technologically distant 1993, with the mission to create a great digital library. Last year, the store counted 3500 books, scanned, and laid out by a small army of volunteers. The books on this site are typically in three formats: pdf, odt, and txt. From 2012 it has started the conversion of books to epub format. You can learn more about this project, and download ebooks, by referring directly to their site.

Of the available formats, only the pdf and the txt are compatible with the Kindle. You can, if they wish, also use the epub if they are converted, we have dedicated a guide to the topic.

This project was started in 1971, with the goal of building a library of free books in virtual format (ebook). Project Gutenberg is in full health and the arrival of the Internet has given a strong help to the project. Also in this case, it is crucial the contribution of a real army of volunteers who have scanned and included more than 40000 volumes. On the site there is some year also a large collection of texts in Italian, found at this address, each book is freely downloadable in mobi format that is perfect for the Kindle.

The well-known shopping site offers a good collection of books without the rights for free, they are mainly great classics that can be downloaded and read on reader Kindle and on the app of the same name. You can find a list of the free books on Amazon on this page.

In addition, Amazon offers the possibility to 9.99 per month to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, the program studied from the portal to the regular readers. Once you subscribe, you will be able to read without spending a million ebooks, including a large number of the best-selling. Kindle Unlimited, in a way similar to Amazon Prime is free for the first 30 days, you can find out by consulting our exploration.

Another store that, like Amazon, also offers free ebook can be downloaded after registration. The catalogue is not comparable to that of the above solutions, but may merit a look. You can reach the books free of Streetlib Store at this address.

Is the well known community of torrent Italian, on the site there is a large collection of ebooks. Different users are involved in the library section: the keep in order and continuously enrich with new releases. Also, some users are willing to sometimes embark on projects, which are often monographic: try to collect and upload all the books of a series (e.g. the legendary Urania), or of an author.

We have already dedicated an in-depth look at the TNT Village.

A project of volunteers, who mission is the democratisation of culture, try and load the books less commercial, collect: the great classics, and the wise, and the great contemporary narrative (no Fabio Volo, for instance). You can learn more about the project and its particular mission going on their blog, if you share their project and their mission, please make a donation.

In this page you can find the instructions to access the archive that is currently hosted on MEGA (the well-known cloud service).

Often the archives of the thieves of libraries are also in the form of a torrent, and some make collections on a regular basis and share them. These ebook collections are easy to find just go to a torrent portal, as KAT and search for “thieves of libraries”.

It is the heir of BookOS famous pirate who collects and indexes ebooks on the network. It is the source with the catalog bigger, there are as many as 2 million titles in various languages, there are also several thousand books in Italian. The format are available in the texts varies, some are PDF, other epub, the other in lit. If you want to try B-OK, you can find the portal at this address.

I'm sure that many of you will remember eMule, historic program for P2P file sharing. Although now little used, especially for large files, the eMule remains one of the platforms where they are available more ebooks. Just enter in your search the title of a book, have a good chance of find the PDF, also, if you search “kindle” you will find good and rich collections of books in our own language.

We have already spoken on other occasions of eMule, I refer you to in-depth dedicated.

Our article on all the ways to find and download ebooks Kindle free is coming to an end, let us know with a comment if you have any other valid source.

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